Reasons Make Groovy Grails An Awesome Asset For App Development

Posted By : Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 15-Nov-2018

Groovy On Grails

Groovy on Grails has come up as a quiet benefactor in the realm of technology. Stuffed with advantages and used by some of the huge corporations across the globe, Groovy on Grails has every component available to be the pioneer of the tech industry. In this blog, you will get to know about the reasons why Groovy on Grails is an awesome asset for app development.


Highlights of Groovy on Grails that Tech Experts Love:


1. The Integrity of Groovy


Groovy is a strong, influential, and dynamic language having static compilation and static-typing abilities. This scripting language depends on Java and also requires JVM to run it.


Groovy scripts are compiled to Java-based classes and can also import ordinary Java classes (and the other way around). This is a major use for developers as they can use current Java libraries with no issue.


Additionally, the Groovy code is much succinct and eloquent. Fewer lines of code activate higher developer efficiency and less code to deal with.


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2) The Eminence of Grails


The integrity of Groovy required an extraordinary framework to work on every single possibility. The quest ends with the Grails.


Grails is a well-known web framework based on big giants as Hibernate, Spring MVC, and Site mesh. With these hefty layers, the system is appropriate for the developers. In addition, the system has two extraordinary highlights for the developers.


3) Authorize Developers to be Joyful While Coding


By now, we have effectively shared the insights of the developers, satisfaction while working with Groovy on Grails. Truly, you got it correctly, Convention over configuration and the DRY. We should investigate the advantages elaborately.


  • Convention over setup introduces plentiful efficiency for the developers.
  • Grails empowers you to compose DRY code. On the off chance that you have any available Java code, reusing it in Grails ought to be no issue.
  • Developers don't have to compose the standardized code with Grails.
  • Here, developers have a major comfort as they can focus more on transforming your thoughts into apps instead of pursuing designing the framework segments.
  • As it is free of XML setup, Groovy on Grails can assist you with developing the app in real time.
  • Grails assists scaffolding, it also helps developers to make apps with CRUD functionalities - Read, Create, Update and Delete. As there is barely any coding here, it's pretty easy to do Groovy On Grails web development and maintenance of the code.


4) The Strength of Java


Groovy on Grails works great with Java. The structure consistently and straightforwardly incorporates and interoperates with Java, the JVM, and existing Java EE compartments giving Java developers loads of benefits.


The advantages don't end there as Grails has a noteworthy help for Java libraries and also backing 700+ plugins offering enormous use to the developers.


The blend of Groovy and Grails with all astounding tech benefits is an incredible friend in need for you.


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Companies Using Grails


In contrast to different structures, Grails has been a constant supporter of both the enormous sharks (ventures) and developing new businesses of small tech companies. Have a glance at their clients, which includes names such as IBM, Google, Cisco, Netflix, and Oracle.


Now the question arises, will you make use of Groovy on Grails for developing your app?


You need to respond to this question according to your business requirement. In Oodles Technologies, we don't keep running with having any layout in our hands. We assess the ideas of the startup, create a product development plan with the approved idea and offer the best solution to our clients.


Also, when we say Groovy on Grails is the best fit for your need, we draw in our experienced developers for great results of Groovy on Grails appropriate for your business requirements.


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