Read Blobs in chunks in Titanium

Posted By : Sapna Sharma | 29-Sep-2015

Sometime while uploading large files we face many issues like out of memory error, timeout error etc. To get rid of these type of errors we should read file(blob) into chunks.

The BlobStream is a read-only stream that provides you with the ability to read blobs in chunks.

Here is an example:

success: function(e) {
// Open stream on blob.
var instream = Titanium.Stream.createStream({
mode: Titanium.Stream.MODE_READ,
source: // is a Blob
// Create a buffer for chunking the data.
var buffer = Ti.createBuffer({length: 1024});
// Read and write chunks.
var read_bytes = 0;
while ((read_bytes = > 0) {
// Cleanup.


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