Quick Comparison between AngularJS and jQuery

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jQuery is a client-side scripting language that is used by developers who want some simplicity and efficient code. It also simplifies the usage of javaScript on any website. 

jQuery is basically the library of javaScript within which common functions are used by any coder.
Usage of jQuery:


We can change the content of any webpage.
Make the UI more attractive.
We can traverse the DOM easily.
As it is the library, it has some simplicity.
Easily make AJAX call.
As said above, jQuery is the library of javaScript, the usage of this library can be done either partially or fully to accomplish single or more feature as discussed above. To use effects and animations in jQuery we need to call functions made for it in jQuery and also we can use it to make AJAX calls. It treats like a plugin.


Google is the founder of AngularJS, it is an open source framework that is based on MVC, which is said to be the NexGen framework. It is also a client-side tool for building web applications.
Rules and a structured approach, these are the key points frameworks tells us to follow.


jQuery Vs AngularJS features


AngularJS undoubtedly has more features:

REST friendly
MVC-based Pattern
Deep Linking
Form Validation
Dependency Injection
Full Testing Environment
Server Communication
When to Use jQuery or AngularJS?

Many times we fail to analyze the specialty of website development. AngularJS suites well for the website development as it uses HTML code and JSON data which is used in developing the interactive and robust applications but using simple website development.

jQuery is a fast JavaScript library and a perfect tool for creating websites with lots of features. It has the main usage such as DOM traversal, manipulation, event handling and Ajax support and others which makes it simpler and efficient to develop websites.


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