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Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 04-Aug-2015

Mobile apps are everywhere! Whether you want cash back or discount on your purchase, there are plenty of apps to download to get such benefits. This constantly growing and maddening world of mobile apps isn’t just working in the favor of users, but also creating wonderful opportunities for small businesses and new entrepreneurs. Let’s learn why Titanium is a great technology to use to build small mobile apps.



All big sharks of mobile industry are in a cut-throat competition with one another for acquiring as many users as they can. But it's a very expensive to develop particular apps for particular operating system, while developing an app and then being able to run the app successfully on multiple platforms is a beneficial business. And that’s what titanium application development companies do.  


Before we begin to talk about the ease and benefits of developing app using titanium, we should learn a little about the technology.


Explaining Titanium


If you want to develop apps that run on all operating systems then Titanium is what you need. It has an open source framework and used for building cross platform apps for mobile OS like Android, iOS etc.


Why Developers Choose Titanium Over Other Technologies


Saves Money - This is one of the most attractive benefits of the framework. There won’t be any requirement to develop apps separately for different platforms.


Cloud Services - Titanium provides cloud services for analyzing, packing, and distribution for apps developed using it.


Fine Technology - JavaScript is used to develop applications in this framework.


Saves Time - A lot of efforts and time go into making apps for different platforms, but titanium helps you create one app that can successfully run on different OS.


Are there cons?


Oh yes, there are two sides of a coin. So there are positive and negative aspects of this platform too.


Expertise - You will need hire developer according to the platforms for developing apps. A developer who has expertise in iOS app development can’t manage Android development.


More Maintenance: There are plenty of codes. In order to keep performance high, it needs developing, testing, and maintenance.


Just like any other technology, idea, and innovation, there are some advantages and some disadvantages. Titanium is excellent for simple and small projects. It is also apt for a new project.



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