People count by raspberry pi 3 using openframework

Posted By : Chandan Kumar Singh | 05-Jan-2017

Raspberry Pi3

In this blog we will compile the footfall program on raspberry pi 3, which is a camera based people counting. For saving the count in or out based on raspberry serial number.

for getting serial number using node js program you can follow: How to get Serial Number of Raspberry pi 3 using NodeJS


First of all we need to install openframework by following below step. I suppose you are on home folder of pi user.

tar -xvf of_v0.9.0_linuxarmv7l_release.tar.gz
mv of_v0.9.0_linuxarmv7l_release of
cd of/scripts/linux/debian
sudo ./
sudo ./

Verify installation by compiling example  

 Cd /home/pi/of/examples/graphics/polygonExample
 Make run

if polygon runs fine, then we have installed openframework successfuly.

now  we will get the clone of footfall program

 Git clone

Copy from Footfall and paste into of/addons 

 cp Footfall/ of/addons/
 cd of/addons/
Cd ofxCvPiCam
mv libs old-libs 
cp -r Footfall/ThreadedFootfall/ of/apps/myApps/ /*we are running ThreadedFotfall program*/ 
Cd of/apps/myApps/ThreadedFootfall 
Make clean

We have complie the program, run the application ./of/apps/myApps/ThreadedFootfall on turminal. Set the server details in "PostDataSettings" in bin/data/config.json set the postserver=your server address,postextension='api/v1/count/serial='{pi-serail-number}''. In this config.json we can set the camera width and height "AppSettings"



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