Owning The Virtual Concert Space With VR App Development

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 14-May-2021

Owning The Virtual Concert Space With VR App Development

In the past few years, no one would have imagined the real-time metamorphosis that would occur at the digital forefront. With Virtual Reality or VR application development solutions replacing the traditional entertainment approaches, the world is swiftly stepping into a truly intuitive landscape. Businesses and technical experts heralding the era as an “immersive revolutionary age” must have witnessed its pioneering foresight rewarded to an extent, as both consumers and enterprises were thrust into the spontaneous adoption of neoteric digital media and VR trends. 

VR Concert App Development
Bringing It Altogether With VR Concert Applications

One of the most crucial things that digital technology does is to bring things together. A perfect example of this is the advent of smartphones. Nearly 20 years ago people switched between calendars, diaries, maps, DVD players, and telephones, as all these features were being offered in one single device- smartphones. The amalgamation of streaming services and virtual reality has done the same to talking radio and music concerts, putting them all together into one unified space and experience. Until now virtual reality concert was not subject to greatest assimilation process of media streaming. But the COVID-19 pandemic has altered all aspects of that. The last two years have shown us that the virtual live segment can entirely and independently operate in place of the traditional sector’s frameworks. This is one of the reasons why so much experimentation and innovation has happened until now. 

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How Does It Work?

VR concert applications deliver, immersive and high-quality video streaming experiences to global audiences. Some of the features include:

  • Real-time transcoding: The VR streaming apps enable adaptive bitrate streaming with real-time transcoding.
  • Event-based workflows: Multiple use cases of VR streaming apps are event-based, such as live music shows and immersive concerts. All you need is to connect your source and start streaming.
  • Global Network: The VR streaming applications are implemented with global CDN to stream from and to any place.
  • Multi-channel streaming: The streaming applications let you scale your origin infrastructure and stream with 360 degrees of concurrent views and events.

Addressing The Challenges

At Oodles Technologies, we create VR-based live streaming applications (for iOS and Android as well as VR headsets) for concerts and events. In the app, users can access live performances and shows of their favorite artists. This means they can get a front-row seat-like experience at otherwise sold-out concerts. It also brings far-off live concerts to the viewers, truncating the distance between them and the show. Users can seamlessly watch an Australian show in the US or even in London.

The virtual concert live-streaming applications have the options to either watch the concert ‘solo’ or to ‘join the crowd’, which ultimately means joining other people or avatars. 

Using the menu feature, it is possible to see who is in the venue that you know and how are connected with them. The venue may possibly also have a limited number of participants, however, with VR streaming applications, you could catch up in a private room and have conversations through social integrations without having to disturb others.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are going to be immense opportunities in the virtual reality concert market space- and VR music experiences and live shows in general. As social experiences are enhancing, so is the level of immersion. With an incremental advancement, we should anticipate video and audio quality to continue to refine year-on-year. With the roll-out of 5G and increased progression of VR headsets, virtual reality live-streaming experiences are all set to show solid results.

If you are looking to develop VR-based live streaming applications for concerts, speak to our experts. 


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