Overviewing Ray Ban Stories As New Generation Metaverse Smartglasses

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 09-Feb-2022


Ray-Ban Stories: The New Generation of Metaverse Smartglasses


With the acquisition of VR headset maker Oculus in 2014, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, took the first step towards the construction of a hyper-real alternative world. Their next direction was the introduction of first-generation smartglasses furnished with the capabilities of mega-brand- Ray-Ban. With that, we would like to shed some light on Ray-Ban Stories, an intuitive and feature-rich smart glass that enables access to the borderless metaverse. In this blog, we will discuss the attributes and possibilities of Ray-Ban Stories and the opportunities it extends to metaverse development services. 

Ray Ban Stories Metaverse Wearabale Smartglasses

Image Source: Ray-Ban

Meta, Ray-Ban Stories: An Introduction & Product Overview


Created in partnership with Meta and the parent company of Ray-Ban, that is, EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban Stories are built using existing three Ray-Ban styles and are available as both sunglasses and prescription glasses. With price ranges ranging from $299, they are available in countries such as the US, UK, Italy, Canada, Ireland, and Australia on Ray-Ban’s official website and in-stores. 


Meta’s first-generation smart glasses capitalize on the iconic Wayfarer design associated with the classic eyewear brand and come in three designs, Meteor, Wayfarer, and Round.


At first, they might look like ordinary sunglasses, however, they are meticulously equipped with two 5MP cameras at the corners integrated with an LED light near them. The white LED light turns on at the times when you are recording and enables others to know that you are capturing them.


As of now, you can take photos or record 30-second videos by using either the capture button or via Facebook Assistant voice commands. These neoteric metaverse smartglasses leverage “beamforming technology” along with a “background noise suppression algorithm” in order to ensure a seamless and high-quality calling experience, just like you get on the headphones.


Ray-Ban Stories Features

  • Currently available in three designs and six color options
  • Dual 5MP cameras
  • 5MP image capture
  • 1184 x 1184@30fps video
  • 3x microphones
  • 2x micro speakers
  • Touch controls
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Facebook Assistant
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android


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Ray-Ban Stories: How Does It Work?


With Ray-Ban Stories, users have to pair and link these smart glasses with Facebook View app. Since they also support Facebook Assistant, users can give voice commands to perform a task. These glasses can be paired with iOS and Android devices.


The Facebook View app enables users to edit, import, and share videos or photos captured on these smart glasses. Users will also be able to post their content on Instagram, Meta, Messenger, WhatsApp, and even other social media platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter.


Ray-Ban Stories also comes with a button to power it off and has a dedicated charging case and can be fully charged with the help of a USB cable. 


According to Meta, Ray-Ban Stories can capture and sync up to 200 photos or 50 videos per full charge. Fully charged smartglasses will have a battery life of six hours for moderate usage and up to three hours with Facebook Assistant turned on and with continuous audio streaming.


What About Augmented Reality on Ray-Ban Stories?


While Google glasses attempted to incorporate Augmented Reality in the past, woefully Ray-Ban Stories does not support AR. Had it been implemented, AR would have enabled these glasses to showcase digital content on the optics, thereby providing an ultimate immersive experience.


Surprisingly, Snapchat had also displayed its AR glasses in the previous months, however, they are limited to just their developers and are currently not being sold to the general public. These smart glasses will enable users to experience AR filters in their real-life surroundings and even play immersive AR games.


While Meta’s plans also focus on building AR glasses, it is currently working on the minutes of the technology just so as to bring unparalleled user experiences.  


Summing Up


Like Snapchat’s Spectacles, the first version of Ray-Ban Stories is technically referred to as smart glasses and specifically not AR glasses since it inculcates computer functionalities but does not overlay digital content on anyone’s point of view. The glasses are developed by Facebook Reality Labs, whose ultimate goal is to construct tools and technologies that will enable users to feel connected anywhere and anytime. While creating a sense of social presence, it allows people to feel as if they are right there with another person and sharing the same environment or space regardless of physical distance between them. 


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