Overview of the LTS node.js 12 version

Posted By : Anubhav Garg | 29-Sep-2019


The new node,js LTS includes updates and features include faster start and better heap limits, upgrade to V8, TLS, Http, new features including import/export statements supported, bundled heap dump capability and updates to Worker Threads, N-API and ES6 module support and more.


V8 Engine Updated to V8 7.4


1. Function async stack traces arrived

2. The function has faster async/await implementation

3. Performance tweaks & improvements on Worker threads, N-API


Import/export statements supported


The import/export syntax was added to the import module instead of require syntax for JavaScript developers since its standardization method in ES6, and the Node LTS version has been working diligently to enable it natively.


// default import statement

import module from 'module'
import { namedExport } from 'module'
import * as module from 'module'


Heap Dump


Node.js 12 LTS version has integrated heap size capability out of the box. Previous node version has the default heap sizes of 700MB for 32-bit systems & 1400MB for 64-bit systems, Now it will automatically detect the heap size to determine that it does not more than allowed resources.


Diagnostic Reports


Node.js 12 includes a new feature named Diagnostic report that allows developers to generate a report on index files that will be triggered by specific events & functions. It generates a report to detect functions terminations, data leaks, intensive CPU usage, errors and more.


   --experimental-report --report-on-fatalerror index.js   
to get a JSON summary.


TLS 1.3 and Security


TLS 1.3 is now the default security protocol supported by Node.js.
TLS1.3 is a major update to the TLS protocol, with many security enhancements and should be used over TLS1.2 whenever possible. TLS 1.3 support which increases security protocol with reduced the latency. With TLS 1.3, Node.js apps have increased end-user privacy & also improved the performance of requests by reducing the time required for the HTTPS handshake.




Node LTS version added some great features in there which will definitely help the Node.js Development easy & fast process. Node.js 12 brings added some extremely exciting updates like ES6  support, better application TLS security, and fast working threads. 





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