New tvOS 12 Features Coming This Fall To Apple TV

Posted By : Priyansha Sinha | 02-Aug-2018

new tvOS 12 Features

All eyes are fixed on Apple’s forthcoming Keynote event coming this fall for so many reasons. This year’s Keynote will mark the official launch of some of the most awaited Apple devices such as Apple Watch, Apple TV, and the all-new iPhone. In addition to that, it will also feature the latest versions of the operating systems like iOS, macOS High Sierra, WatchOS, and tvOS. In this blog, we have listed the 5 most amazing features of tvOS 12 that may overhaul your TV viewing experience in on Apple TV. So let’s get started!


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Zero Sign-on

One of best features of tvOS 12 is Zero Sign-On. It is set to make the insipid journey of app authentication more effortless than ever before. Basically, this attribute allows your Apple TV to detect your internet network and automatically sign in to any Apple TV app you are entitled to.


You just need to launch the app and the next thing is- you’re signed in! No passwords or configurations needed at all. Apple has also stated that Zero Sign-on will arrive at the end of this year with support from Charter Spectrum in the beginning and other service providers will follow later.


Dolby Atmos Sound Support

Dolby Atmos finally comes to Apple TV, all thanks to the new tvOS 12. This amazing update will precisely create effects to engross you within a coherent 3D audio space.


In more good news, Apple has also stated during its keynote that the soundtracks of TV shows and iTunes movies will be upgraded to Atmos without any additional cost. Additionally, to relish the full experience of the updated audio feature, you need to have a Dolby Atmos-capable sound system. Well, with an immersive sound effect like that, who wouldn’t spend a little extra on new and affordable Dolby Atmos soundbar solutions!


New Aerial Screensavers

Apple’s breathtaking NASA screensavers called “Aerials” are one of those little elations that viewers will never get enough of. With new tvOS 12, you can actually get to see the location where the Aerial was filmed by just a click of a remote and swipe between the various screensaver sequences.


However, the new set of Aerials called “Earth” is the star of the show. These are stunning and mesmerizing video clips captured from space by astronauts at the International Space Station.


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Improved Support For HomeKit Assistance

Apple will now focus seriously on HomeKit technology. With the likes of Control4, Savant, and Crestron, Apple TV can now integrate with home control systems like these.


Just for an example, suppose you are a user of Crestron, the new integration with Siri will provide IP control of Apple TV, thereby, enabling you to give voice commands with the help of Crestron’s remote control.


Apple TV Virtual Remote

With the new tvOS 12, you will no more have to look high and low for the dedicated remote handsets for Apple TV. It has however added an excellent solution as an alternative- the Apple TV Virtual Remote. The new tvOS 12 will support an automatic addition of this feature to the Control Centre on iPhone or iPad.

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