New Features In Moodle 3.8 For Enhanced Learning Experiences

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 22-Nov-2019

New Features In Moodle 3.8 For Enhanced e-Learning Experiences


Moodle is a popular learning management system for e-Learning software development that enables developers to build interactive educational portals and e-learning applications. It is used by a large number of colleges, universities, and educational institutes to virtualize their courses and deliver unique learning experiences. To enhance their development benefits, the makers of Moodle have launched several upgraded versions of their LMS module. Each version brought significant changes, features, and enhancements to make development fast, easy, and more efficient. 


On November 19, Moodle rolled out a major update i.e ver. 3.8, bringing new features and enhancements for improved learning experiences. In this blog post, we will discuss the key features of Moodle 3.8 and how they are going to improve its LMS ecosystem.


Moodle 3.8 brings a number of significant enhancements with a focus on community-requested features such as H5P integration, forum enhancements, and improved learning analytics. Let’s discuss these features in detail.


Forum Enhancements and Improved Forum Activity 

A successful fundraising from Moodle Users Association (MUA) enabled significant enhancements in Forum Activity, introducing features like Forum Grading, Forum Export, and Summary Report. Moodle 3.8 provides accurate insights into learners’ data and enables teachers to assess student contributions through different types of grading. There is also an option to export forum discussions whenever needed. 


grading in Moodle


The newly introduced Forum summary report enables teachers to carefully analyze valuable student data associated with forum activity. The data may include discussions initiated by students, their most recent posts along with the word count or character count.


Interactive Learning Content To Maximize Student Engagement

With H5P integration, educational institutes can avail Moodle development services to enhance their e-learning experiences through interactive multimedia content. A new H5P button is available under the Atto editor that enables teachers to upload a variety of interactive quizzes, tests, and video tutorials. Teachers can also initiate conversations with students to enhance the productivity of online courses. They can select a number of recipients and send them a message altogether. 


Improved Learning Analytics


analytics models


Moodle has significantly improved its analytics features, providing new insights into student data. With Moodle 3.8, teachers will have access to two new insights including:


Students who have not accessed the course yet

Students who have not accessed the course recently




Analytics models may be restricted to certain categories or educational courses. Teachers can also generate a complete insights report to analyze the student data. 


Improved Messaging, Custom Fields, and Calendar

Moodle 3.8 improves messaging features and enhances the quality of communications between students and teachers through emojis. Moodle users can add different types of emojis while composing a message. There is a new button that lets you add emojis to a conversation under the Atto Editor. 


Moodle Emojis


The new course overview settings in Moodle 3.8 enable the administrator to configure the current app layout with course custom fields. The admin can also configure the colors of the course card patterns.


The enhanced calendar features enable users to stay up-to-date with the latest forum activities. Students and teachers on Moodle can filter the calendar by month, day, and upcoming events. 


Improved Quiz Creation and Session Timeout Alerts

Moodle quizzes


Moodle 3.8 enables schools, colleges, and educational institutes to create and manage effective quizzes that will benefit their students. It displays appropriate tags and ID numbers in a question bank along with the edit option to efficiently organize questions.


In previous Moodle versions, a session timeout would occur if there is no activity for several minutes without any prior notification. Moodle 3.8 offers a session timeout alert that would appear minutes before the timeout. 


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