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Posted By : Pranav Kakkar | 31-May-2019


I am positive we're conjointly excited a similar approach I'm once NgConf 2019, and thirstily awaiting the Angular eight unharness. Igor Minar’s keynote lined several things from tooling to differential loading and plenty of a lot of amazing options.


Let’s move and see how does it impact our application. we'll be going to discuss the options thoroughly and whether or not there are any deprecations and breaking changes.

New options

Differential loading

Depending on our browser list file, throughout the build Angular can produce a separate bundle for polyfills. therefore essentially we’ll have:

Using this feature can decrease the bundle size.

Basically, Angular can build extra files with polyfills, and that they are injected with nomodule attributes.



SVG as a model

We can currently use SVG files as a model. Up heretofore, we tend to solely have the choice to use inline markup language or an external markup language as a model.

  selector: "app-studio",
  templateUrl: "./studio.component.svg",
  styleUrls: ["./studio.component.css"]
export class AppComponent {...}

Experimental ivy Rendering Engine

Ivy remains within the experimental section Associate in Nursing with the Angular eight unharness we'll take a look at it by making an app with the enable-ivy flag set to true as shown below. Remember, it isn't totally practical (opt-in preview) and as urged by Igor Minar in ngConf 2019, read Engineremains

counseled for brand new apps.

To alter Hedera helix in Associate in Nursing existing project set enableIvyoption within the angularCompilerOptions in our project’s

"angularCompilerOptions": {"enableIvy": true}

We can generate a whole new application with the new Engine as well:

ng new my-app --enable-ivy

Support for typescript 3.4.x

Angular currently uses matter three.4 (v7 uses 3.2.x). There aren't a lot of breaking changes — so in all probability, we ought to be smart.


Performance enhancements

Right now the ServerRendererFactory2 creates a brand new instance of the DomElementSchemaRegistry for every and each request, that is sort of pricey. currently, it'll share the worldwide instance of DomElementSchemaRegistry.

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