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Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 29-Oct-2021

Choosing a multi-tenant architecture for SaaS application development allows businesses to get the most out of their hardware, software, and human resources.


Let's look at how multi-tenant architecture is important while creating SaaS apps.


Multi tenant SaaS


Nowadays, SaaS apps are the norm, and software companies attempt to convert their web applications into SaaS applications.


The only solution is to create a SaaS application with a multi-tenant design.

Have you ever wondered how numerous firms may use Salesforce, AWS (Amazon Web Services), and Zendesk?


Is there a unique and personalized cloud software for each customer? If this is you, you might think they have a repeatable process to run thousands of apps across their customers. Well, definitely No. The real solution is a Multi-tenant architecture on AWS for a SaaS application development.

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According to IDC Research, 70% of all web applications are considered SaaS applications. So, if you know about multi-tenant and SaaS architecture, you will probably cover 70% of the web application architecture landscape available in the coming future.

Before moving further, let’s understand the two main concepts involved here.

saas tenant


A centralized administration for maintaining a common code app that runs on the standard instances of the app for multiple tenants exists in a multi-tenant SaaS service. This is advantageous since each tenant's sensitive information is kept safe and secure from other residents. Take apartments, for example, which are ideal for multi-tenant construction.

It has centralized management for central entry security, water supply, electricity, and other supplies.


Discover how Oodles enables you to achieve the benefits of multi-tenant architecture for your SaaS applications. 


Build Your Multi-tenant Architecture for SaaS Applications with Oodles Technologies.


As your organization seeks to replace legacy systems and embrace modern IT solutions, Oodles technology will meet your specific requirements with a prominent tried and tested methodology. 

  • We help you choose between single or multi-tenant architecture, secure log-ins with two-factor authentication, and maintain security at endpoint device(s) for your B2B or B2C business. 
  • We architect your database with either of the three ways as mentioned below, depending on the usage. The single shared database schema for fast operation.
  • Single database, multiple schemas for international data
  • Multiple databases for dividing sales or customers by region
  • We structure your multi-tenant database URL-based SaaS for a web app interface between the database and the user
    • Multi-tenant SaaS for direct interaction with the database
    • Virtualization-based SaaS for interaction between the container (Docker, Kubernetes) and the app or the database
  • We deliver efficient service support for quicker troubleshooting and solving problems to achieve business profit. 



Multi-tenancy, the core of cloud computing is designed to scale up the users within your enterprise and promote external business interaction. 


We assist you to gain the long-term benefits of multi-tenant architecture by understanding the objectives, identifying the challenges with the context of your requirement, and addressing them successfully.

Feel free to contact our experts. And drop us a line.


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