Minimize Data Security and Privacy Challenges with DPP Solutions

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 11-Jun-2019

Benefits of Implementing Data Protection Strategy to your business

Data protection is about securing a company’s crucial data from unauthorized access. Data protection is critical for preventing hackers from accessing sensitive data for financial gains. Data breaches affect companies and their customers highlighting the need for organizations to secure their data.


Ensuring data privacy is one of the biggest challenges for an organization.  In May 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack affected the reputation and finances of several companies.


Implementing Data Protection and Privacy services prevent organizations from cyber attacks. DPP solutions enable businesses to comply with confidentiality, authenticity, integrity, and non-repudiation requirements.   


Techniques and practices to consider while developing a secure data protection strategy:


Backup and Recovery: Companies need to have a backup of their critical data. An offline copy of data safeguards companies from data corruption issues and data loss associated with natural disasters.


Information Lifecycle Management (ILM): ILM is a must have data management practice. It administers storage systems on computer devices and extensively calculates, indexes and protects information assets. Implementing ILM policies enable businesses to effectively manage important business information. ILM classifies the data and shifts it across infrastructure tiers based on retention policy and business rules.


Storage System Security: Storage systems should be duly updated with the latest software and security technologies. Implementing the best security tools and practices will augment network and server security.  


Remote data movement: Organizations can protect their data from physical damage to information systems and buildings by moving data in real-time or near real-time to a location outside the primary storage system. The two most common forms of this technique are remote copy and replication. These techniques duplicate data from one system to another, in a different location.


Data Lifecycle Management (DLM): DLM is an important policy-based approach to manage essential business data. The process involves the automated movement of data from online to offline storage space when it becomes obsolete. Newer data is stored faster, whereas, final data is moved to read-only storage to effectively prevent data from being stolen.


                        Benefits of Implementing DPP solutions


With technological advancement, a lot of businesses are establishing themselves online. The online exposure has given organizations access to opportunities and threats. Most common breaches include accessing a company’s private data for unauthorized means.  Data protection safeguards the private data and information assets of an organization. Implementing data protection strategies enable businesses to control the movement of informational assets.



Are you planning to align your business’s data management practices in compliance with data privacy and data protection regulations? Oodles Technologies is an India based software development company that offers data privacy services. Our DPP team handles high-profile data breach issues and mitigate cyber risks to provide data security.  Our data protection services identify all security and privacy loopholes of a system to minimize data breach and maximize organizational value.



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