Managing Virtual Servers In Bluemix

Posted By : Rajat Kukrety | 24-Dec-2016

Manage virtual servers in Bluemix


To manage virtual servers in Bluemix we can choose any of the task:-


Inject an SSH key into a virtual server to use key-pair authentication to connect to the virtual server. You can create SSH key with Graphically in Bluemix. You can also import an SSH key into Bluemix.


  1. In the Bluemix dashboard, select RUN VIRTUAL SERVERS.
  2. In the Virtual Server settings section import key.
  3. Enter the key name in the name of the SSH key by which you want to authenticate the user in Bluemix.
  4. Paste the contents of into the Public Key section.
  5. Using OpenStackClient(OSC).

Also create SSH key locally and then import key into Bluemix:-

  1. You can create an SSH key in your local system and optionally associate a pass phrase to it ( Used to increase Security).
  2. When you create an SSH security key outside Bluemix, you can associate a passphrase. This pass phrase is owned by you and you can use it to decrypt the private encrypted key.
  3. For UNIX users, SSH keys(public cloud.key and private can be generated with the ssh- keygen command (ssh-keygen -t rsa -f cloud.key).


Before Logging consider the following:-

When the virtual server is created from a virtual server image, you must inject the SSH key. When you use a custom virtual server image that includes a user ID and password, you can access the virtual server by using the credentials of the virtual server image.

Run the following command:-

ssh -i path/<private_key_name> <username>@<hostname> -p <port_number>
->path is the location of SSH private key in your system.
->private_key_name is the name of the private SSH key in your system.
->username is a virtual server user ID.(default value - ibmcloud).
->hostname is the name of the host that is associated with the public IP or the public IP address.
->port_number is a port that is enabled for remote connections in the VM.


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