Making iOS Module in Titanium

Posted By : Akshay Luthra | 31-Mar-2016

This blog will cover the steps to manage your iOS module project in Titanium.


Open your Appcelerator Studio and follow the following steps to create your own iOS module to be used in your Titanium project :

1) From the menu, select File > New > Mobile Module Project to open the New Mobile Module Project dialog.

2) In the Project hame field, enter a name for the module.

3) In the Module Id field, enter a module ID for the module.

4) In Deployment Targets, select iOS.

5) Click Next.

6) In the Module Manifest File page, enter information about your module, such as the license information, version number, etc. You can also edit this information in the manifest file later.

7) Click Finish.



Now, to Build and Package the Module, you need to follow the following steps :

1) Open the Terminal.


3) python



After the build completes, you should have a ZIP file in the iphone directory and see the following message in the console :



This ZIP file contains your iOS module in Titanium that you made.



With the ZIP file, you can either :

1) Uncompress it in the Titanium SDK home path to install the module globally for all your Titanium applications.

2) Uncompress it in a Titanium project's parent directory to install the module locally for that one Titanium application.

3) Distribute the ZIP file.



Feel free to use this blog to make your iOS Titanium module.




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