Make Your First Augmented Reality Face Mask Filter In Spark AR

Posted By : Tinku Gupta | 15-Jan-2020

Spark AR is an extensively used tool for Augmented Reality app development. You can use the face tracker in Spark AR to create the effect that responds to the face movement. In terms of creativity, you can use this  concept to create different types of effects that respond to Facial movement by using a face tracking module in the Assets panel. Now let's see how it responds to the face movement. When the face tracker is combined with the face mesh, it creates an outer surface to detect the facial movement and facial expressions. You can also create the material effect on a particular face mask which you created in the scene panel. 


How To Add Face Tracker In Spark AR.

 Spark AR gives you the opportunity to add Face tracker in the spark and this can be done in a very simple manner. Just Follow The Steps to add a face tracker .

 Steps are:

1.Click on Add Object 

2. Select Face tracker option

3. Then click on the insert Button


Eg 1.

Eg 2 .


After creating the Face Tracker, click on it and explore the different properties of a Face tracker . 


Face Tracker - Properties :

These are the properties of the face tracker which helps to manipulate the Scale, Position, Rotation, interaction, Texture and, many properties that help to manipulate the area of the face tracker. By manipulating these properties of the face tracker, you can achieve a particular effect on the given object . 


How to Face Tracker Combined With The Face Mash   

Adding a face mesh:

Mainly, face mesh is a child of the Face tracker and it creates the 3D Model of the face and if we combine both face tracker and the face mesh, it will automatically move with the movement of the facetracker. You can achieve the best texture effect on the face by applying it.


Steps to add face mesh with face tracker:

1. Click on Add Object in scene panel

2. And then choose the Face mesh option and click on the insert button . 

3. After applying it, you will see a magic a 3d mask will appear on the  Face of the object.


Eg 3.


Creating your face Mask with particular Texture

Creating your face mask with a particular Texture will make your creativity real and effective. Everyone wants to add a filter which has a different face mask effect. So in this section, I will tell you how you can apply the material texture to your face mask or even you can apply your hand made texture to the face mask just follow the instruction which is given below .

Steps are as Follows :

  1. After applying the face mesh on the face tracker click on the Inspector pannel and Select the Material option of the face mesh 



  1. Then click on the material option which enhances the material properties.




Adding your Texture to mask : (For selecting texture)

If you want to add texture to the face mask, you have to import the texture from the asset panel and then apply to the face mask .




Texture added :


Applying Texture To The Material

After applying or importing the texture into the assets pannel, you have to choose the material option and then apply your imported texture into from the inspection panel.

Once you are done with that, you have successfully made the mask effect with spark AR and you can publish your mask effect on istagram and facebook as per the guidelines.



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