Make Your Custom Player on Kaltura

Posted By : Prakhar Budholiya | 23-Feb-2016

These days most of the companies use "Kaltura" open-source video platform . This article explains how you can make a custome player for you.


Use following steps to customise your kaltura player-


1. Go to-  kmc > studio > create new player

2. Basic Display  * give a name, 
                            * set a aspect ratio

3. Look and Feel
 Note- to add a watermark , put your watermark in /opt/kaltura/web/content/watermark.png
 and give this path in,  *Look and feel > watermark > 
            *image url > http://kaltura_server_hostname/content/watermark.png
            *click url > your website address (so that clicking on above image will redirect to your website)
            *select many other options like colours, image while loading video, slides, share options,Monetization playlist options etc.

we can also flash advertisements on free wheel, skip button etc with a skip notice and message.

5.plugins  (Using following plugins will make your player compatible with various different OS and Browsers)
here add UI variables-
Kaltura.LeadWithHtml5 true
Kaltura.UseAppleAdaptive false
kaltura.LeadWithHtml5 true
kaltura.UseAppleAdaptive false
leadWithHtml5 true



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