Building Custom LMS Software To Deliver Smart Learning Experiences

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 10-Sep-2020

Building Custom LMS Software To Deliver Smart Learning Experiences


Learning management systems (LMS) have become an integral part of e-Learning solutions that aim at digitally transforming online learning experiences. Building an LMS software is a proven method to grab the attention of learners and enhance their learning experiences. Not only does an LMS application facilitates online courses, but it also shortens the learning curve of students through meaningful engagement. As of today, a majority of educational institutions have been forced to conduct online classes in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Consequently, it significantly increased the demand for LMS app development services worldwide. 


We, at Oodles Technologies, provide end-to-end LMS development services to build data-driven e-Learning solutions that deliver personalized experiences. Our development team is skilled at using advanced LMS development platforms like Moodle, ATutor, and Open edX to build high-quality e-learning software solutions for a wide range of devices. 


In this blog post, we are going to discuss the key features and benefits of LMS software development. Subsequently, we’ll highlight the benefits of our LMS development services


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Benefits of Learning Management Systems

LMS development services provide vast opportunities to enhance the online learning experiences of students, employees, and aspiring candidates. Below are the main benefits of developing a learning management system software. 


Easy To Scale

When it comes to LMS software development, scalability is of foremost importance. An ideal LMS software must be able to scale the increasing userbase that may grow from several hundred users to thousands of active learners. It is, therefore essential to choose the right platform for LMS development, keeping in mind the scalability and dynamically changing user requirements. 



A majority of LMS systems are mobile-friendly which is conducive to fulfilling the requirements of the mobile users. Considering the increasing number of mobile users, it is critical to develop a mobile version of your LMS solution. That being said, there are several LMS platforms available like Moodle, Mindflash, iSpring Learn, and many others that offer complete support for mobile LMS development. 


Effective Management

A learning management system provides you with increased flexibility and complete control over its features, administration, and interactions. It lets you manage online courses and make important optimizations, as and when needed. You can also oversee learners’ interactions, track their course progress, and monitor communications between students, tutors, and other entities.  


Time and Cost Savings

Developing an LMS software is a fast and cost-effective way to digitize various courses and training programs. There are several white label solutions available in the market that lets you use their underlying platform to build custom LMS apps. Besides, you get easy monetization features to generate new revenue streams.


Better Personalization

LMS-based software applications let you maximize user engagement by delivering personalized learning experiences across devices. For example, LMS software will automatically analyze factors like a user’s course progress and pace of learning to offer quizzes, tests, and personalized learning content. 


Improved Communication

Students and tutors can interact in real-time through secure public or private communication channels. An LMS software also offers group chat features, voice/video calls with single or multiple users. It also provides secure means for multimedia sharing and file transfers to fill the communication gaps.


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Oodles’ Offerings In LMS Software Development

We are an LMS development company that specializes in building interactive e-learning applications with custom features to deliver engaging online learning experiences. 


Custom LMS Software Development

We provide 360-degree LMS application development services to address the varied needs of enterprises, schools/colleges, and educational institutions. Our development team has vast experience in using popular LMS platforms like Moodle, ATutor, Open edX, and iSpring Learn to build custom-tailored e-learning solutions. We build engaging e-learning interfaces that instantly grab learners’ attention and maximize user engagement for better learning experiences. 


e-Learning Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a crucial part of e-learn software development. At Oodles Technologies, we have 10+ years of experience in developing hybrid, native, and cross-platform mobile apps for platforms like Android and iOS. Our development team is skilled at using advanced tools and technologies to build mobile-based LMS solutions to meaningfully engage the target audience. 


Blended e-Learning Solutions

Our developers combine content delivery models with custom e-Learning modules to build blended LMS solutions that deliver cohesive online learning experiences. We build interactive LMS interfaces that enhance online learning experiences and shorten the learning curve of users. 


LMS Integration and Migration

Our LMS solutions enable clients to enhance the performance and capabilities of their e-Learning applications with custom integrations and optimizations. We also provide app migration services to move your LMS app from its existing tech stack to the proposed LMS platform.  


LMS Plugin Development

We have our expertise in building LMS plugins from scratch to implement the proposed functionalities in an application. Our development team creates stable and error-free plugins to significantly improve your app performance and efficiency to boost user engagement and interactivity. 


Quality Testing and Technical Assistance

We conduct quality assurance tests at every stage of development to ensure that your application is bug-free to provide a seamless user experience. Our team of QA engineers performs a variety of software tests to detect bugs and complex software issues. We use automation testing tools like Selenium, JMeter, and Katalon Studio to holistically test your LMS application on the key performance metrics.  


Closing Remarks

Developing an LMS software is a great way to offer online courses and e-Learning content in the most engaging manner. Developers can opt for the gamified version of courses that is sure to uplift the skills and capabilities of learners. It can further accelerate the pace of learning and shorten the learning curve of students and aspiring candidates. Above all, the developers can easily monetize these platforms to boost ROI, not to mention the enrollment fee that the students will have to pay. However, it is equally important to choose the right LMS platform to reap the real benefits of learning management systems. 


We, at Oodles Technologies, carefully analyze your project requirements to help you select the right LMS platform, tech stack, and software model to build high-quality e-Learning software. Our LMS app development services have enabled several small and medium-sized companies to build custom e-learning software with the required features. To know more about our LMS development services or project-related queries, drop us a line at [email protected].

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