Linux or Unix commands for Test Engineers

Posted By : Mohd Sheemal | 17-Aug-2017

Linux/Unix commands for Test Engineer :

First we need to understand what is unix or linux . For unix and linux both are the operating system.

What are the difference versions of Unix :


- Solaris


- Ubuntu


Same as Linux versions :

- Red Hat

- Fedora

Many more versions available in the market so question is that why as a test engineers to learn unix or linux commands , difference reasons could be like -


-> Some times we need to installed or uninstalled the software or applications on these machines because my server is placed on the linux machine and logs are generated on the same server side machine so sometimes we need to access the logs.


-> Sometimes we need to take the backup of the log files and then will deploy the new build and new logs will be generated to take the backup of the log files you have to go to Unix/Linux machine.


-> Sometimes we have to required do cleanup and free some space before moving to the application installation any other software sollution before that we have to go to the Unix/Linux machine , like as a windows when we want to install an application we have to check how much space will be save like there if we are going to the Linux/Unix machine as on a windows sometimes some process that we have what we do we are checking the process running or not so these are the major task that we are going to perform on the Linux/Unix machine.


We are going to cover basic commands as follows :


First commands is Pwd means Present working directory, this command will show the current location. Pwd is the first command we can move to go the current location.

Next command is ls, with the ls command to show all the files and folders under this location we can display the files and folders by commands ls -l , l means , it will display in the listing format with complete details. Moving to the next part of the ls. Ls -la means we can use hidden files as well. Where it display many files which are hidden. All the files started with dot and clear command is used to clear the screen.


Moving to the next command , I want to create a folder over here. Mkdir Testing , im a creating a folder name is Testing , ls command is used you can see the folder testing. I want to remove this folder command rm dir and the name of the folder is Testing . We can check ls command and Testing folder will have removed .


Next command is ps , this command is used to display all the process running on the system . It will show only the process which is started by me as a user. If i want to see all the process which are running by me , by some other users by the system for that we use ps -ef, it will display all the process by the system.


Next command is top , if i will to check cpu usage and the memory usage of the system. Top command will display top 20 process , which are the taking highest memory of the cpu.of the system. Here we can check the data is updating on real time.

To stop the top command we have to use ctrl+z.

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