Leverage Uninterrupted Streaming Capability of Wowza ClearCaster

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 14-Nov-2018

Streaming Capabilities of Wowza ClearCaster

Ever since the social media giant, Facebook has rolled out its Live feature, it has become the favorite destination of the users to share their experiences with the world through live feeds. As exciting as it sounds, many leading brands have launched their products through this very feature on Facebook. There’s no doubt that Facebook Live is a magnificent medium of sharing live feeds with your friends and followers through social media. But sometimes, social media is just not enough. There are dozens of different types of content creators that need live broadcasting of their content across all possible channels and not just social media. Plus, social media is good for advertising but it can’t really fulfil your monetary needs. From educational institutions to religious organizations, live broadcasting of content is a crucial source of earning. All these needs can really be fulfilled through simulcast streaming of media across all digital platforms.


Wowza ClearCaster is a powerful media streaming appliance that has been designed by Wowza Media Systems in partnership with Facebook to enable professional broadcasters ace the Facebook Live features. This miniature rack-mountable media device is tightly integrated with the Facebook Live API which enhances the streaming quality of the live feeds on Facebook. ClearCaster is designed to automatically adjust video streaming settings depending on the network strength and provide the best possible output to the viewers in real-time. Nevertheless, the device also ensures that the streams created through ClearCaster for Facebook Live remain permanently on the buyer’s Facebook page with the best possible video quality.



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Simulcasting With Wowza ClearCaster

Wowza ClearCaster also provides seamless Simulcasting capabilities so you can broadcast your content across all your favorite destinations simultaneously in real-time. The Simulcast streaming in ClearCaster is powered by Wowza Streaming Cloud and lets you broadcast to multiple targets. After setting up the device (which hardly takes a few minutes), you can use it to transmit streams to your website, Facebook Live and YouTube Live, all at the same time. However, it is recommended to end the live broadcast from all three channels one-by-one. It’s best that you start with YouTube and after ending the YouTube broadcast, you may proceed to end it on your website and then finally from Facebook Live.


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What Makes It Stand Apart?

After reading all this, you all might be wondering why one should invest in this device when they can separately leverage the Live streaming features of the platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube Live. Well, here’s the catch! First and foremost, there’s no way to broadcast live streams on Facebook in high definition unless you are using an external device. You might have noticed that live streams recorded through smartphones on Facebook are often blurred and pixelated. So broadcasting content in high definition is out of the question. But with Wowza ClearCaster, one can easily broadcast crystal clear videos in 1080p to any Facebook page using Facebook Live. Apart from that, it lets you capture 360 degree view of any location and create highly immersive VR experience for the viewers.


Wowza ClearCaster seamlessly integrates with any browser-based media source to provide a crystal clear broadcast in real-time across the targeted channels. Other powerful features include x264 support for encoding HD streams and uninterrupted streaming at 60 fps.


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