Know the difference between Data Privacy and Data Protection

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 09-Mar-2021


Data Privacy V/S Data Protection


Data security is one of the most common concerns of organizations today. Since businesses have gone online, it becomes difficult for them to hide their strategies and sometimes even profits.


Issues with Data privacy arises when an organization’s information is collected, stored and used for personal means. Data breaches do not only affect companies but also their customers. With such thefts, it becomes important for organizations to keep their data secure. Data security involves privacy and protection. Dig in and know the differences between the two.


Having One Does not Ensure the Other  


Data Protection and Data Privacy are interconnected terms but their meanings are different. While understanding the differences between the two, it is important to understand that one complements the other and both are essential for security. When we talk about protecting the data it means we are thinking of technicalities to keep it safe. On the other hand, Data Privacy is a legal term which prevents people from using a company's private information for their own means. Data Protection does not ensure data privacy, therefore, it is important to work on both to ensure proper control mechanism.


One Addresses Mechanism Other Regulations


Data protection is a process through which companies secure their data from unauthorized access, whereas, data privacy is about how the data is collected, shared, and used. It is essential to understand that both help in evaluating the issues related to privacy and cybersecurity in different paradigms. Data protection sometimes fails to adhere to the required compliance standards but with Data privacy, it is easier to take care of the regulatory compliance standards of sectors that demand high data security including the financial sectors and law firms.


User Controls Privacy, Companies Ensure Protection


Most of the people think that data privacy and data protection are ensured by the company. But in general, it is the user who controls the data privacy.  It is in hand of the users to control which information is shared and with whom it is shared. Companies have the responsibility of taking care of data protection. It is the job of a company to make sure whatever privacy filters users have set are implemented and data is thus secured.  


One Prevents from Hacking other from Sales


Data privacy prevents companies private data from being shared or sold, whereas data protection concentrates on keeping it secured from hackers. This information thus helps people understand that while making transactions online they need to check out the privacy policy of that company and then adhere to the needs you have for a successful transaction.  


One Protects the Assets, Other Evaluates


Data protection helps in safeguarding the assets of an organization and prevent them threats. Data privacy evaluates people’s data, keeps its eyes on how a particular data is handled or managed. After evaluation companies design privacy policies with experts from a law background so that whosoever breaches privacy policy would be accountable for legal proceedings.


With technological advancement, a lot of businesses have tried establishing themselves online. Online exposure has given these organizations access to opportunities and threats. One of the most common threats online platforms are facing is data security. Are you thinking of upgrading your website with solutions on data privacy and data protection? Get in touch with Oodles Technologies and get in touch with our experts to know about the innovative solutions we offer for the security of your data.  Contact us now for details!


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