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In this blog, I will discuss the key features and automation techniques of the Flectra Manufacturing module. Flectra is one of the best cloud-based ERP systems solutions in the market. The beauty of flectra is, it will automate your manufacturing process and make your business more productive.


Features that make Flectra different from other Manufacturing suites:


  • Absolute management Over Work and Quality.

A smart answer for contemporary producing. an end-to-end, feature-rich software system for managing work jobs and up the standard of factory-made products.


  • Advanced Maintenance Management

An intelligent and near-sentient system that perpetually monitors all instrumentation to schedule and manage maintenance in the best method that maximizes revenues


  • Reduce prices and increase Bottom line

Automate low level and routine tasks. scale back the number of unskilled resources needed on the ground. Eliminate inefficiencies, maximize resource utilization, and scale back disbursal.


Let us see one by one in all the features in Flectra manufacturing


1. Manage:

With Flectra manufacturing implementation, it helps the manufacturers to access the business data in one click. It helps the highest management officials to manage and monitor all key business info period of time and remodel them into business growth.


Manufacturing orders: Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly.

Work orders: Launch production of things required within the final assembly of your products.

Repair orders: Manage repairs of things beneath assurance or as a service.




2. Schedule & Planning:

It provides improved management over elements inventory, a lot of accurate demand-planning, efficient production planning, and more practical coordination of distribution channels, that change firms to enhance on-time delivery of products, a vital performance metric for manufacturers. particularly if they’re concerned in production, manufacturers can have a large quantity of inventory returning in and going into production. With the assistance of ERP, makers are ready to track all of this inventory, in conjunction with their characteristics, numbers, locations, etc.


Plan producing: Get a transparent read of your whole coming up with and simply schedule manufacturing.

Organize work orders: Have access to any or all accessible resources and set up ahead for your production.

Manage Bill of Materials: Keep track of the provision of things available and production time.

WorkCentre Capacity: MRP II hardware mistreatment capacities and schedules of WorkCentre.


3.  Define Flexible Master Data:

Before producing takes place, routing must be properly outlined. Routing is essentially the strategies to make the merchandise mistreatment the materials made public within the BOM. this could involve multiple stages and multiple work centers (the teams of individuals/locations wherever production activity takes place). Flectra producing will the following:


Create multi-level Bills of Materials: Set a Bill of Materials inside another so as to manufacture elements of a product in another Bill of Materials.

Optional routing: produce new routines for work orders so as to sequence your production betting on the routing used.

Version changes: permit your merchandise to evolve and add configurable choices once making orders.

Phantom of Bill of Materials: produce phantom BoM to manufacture and sell merchandise in kits or to create replacement components.






4. Quality:

Flectra producing inspects quality checks for purchased materials before production, within the middle of producing stages, or as final inspections. On account of any issues, the standard check systems in producing ERP helps slim down the difficulty, thereby up the merchandise quality and client satisfaction.


Control Points: mechanically trigger quality checks for the producing department.

Quality Checks: Deploy your applied mathematics method management simply with checks.

Quality Alerts: Organize your work mistreatment the Kanban read of quality alerts.


5. Maintenance:

A producing ERP can even permit maintenance orders to require a place for repairs and different fixes. Such orders can organize requests and be allotted to the upkeep team. With ERP systems like Flectra, these systems can even modify preventive maintenance (regularly care on things so they’re less seemingly to fail) by computing statistics like average time to failure.


Preventive Maintenance: Trigger maintenance requests mechanically supported KPIs.

Corrective Maintenance: Trigger corrective maintenance directly from the center panel.

Calendar: Schedule maintenance operations with a calendar.

Statistics: Get all maintenance statistics computed for you: MTBF


6. WorkCentre control board:

Tablets: Set tablets at each work center to arrange their work with efficiency.

Record production: Register productions, scan merchandise, heaps or serial numbers.

Worksheets: show worksheets directly on the WorkCentre with directions for the associate operator.

Misc. Operations: Scrap merchandise, produce quality alerts, and perform checks, right from the WorkCentre.

Alerts: Use alerts to point out changes or quality checks to the operator.


7. Business Intelligence:

Flectra producing conjointly gets an in-depth analysis report on your assembly line, analyze the performance of your work centers and production, set up various production ways, etc. area unit a number of the qualitative measures Flectra metal engine will counsel to you in producing module.




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