Key Considerations while Developing an Application for a Smart TV

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SmartTV App Development Considerations

We are progressing with technology and due to this advancement our phones, watches, home, and televisions have become smarter. For exemplifying user experience, developers are putting in efforts to create smart TV applications. In order to keep the audiences glued to these smart television screens, they are building applications that are both engaging and intuitive. As the expectations from the user's end are huge, it becomes important for the developers to take care not only of the technology but designs too.


Today, smart televisions are coming up with advanced technology and due to this advancement, consumers expect world-class entertainment experience while at home. With the advent of this smart technology, companies are putting in efforts to offer seamless multi-channel experience to their customers.  Introduction of smart technology will allow users to interact with Smart TV app, purchase a product, play games online, browse their favorite content and do other stuff too.


Companies are now expected to develop SmartTV applications for multiple platforms and some of them are listed below:


  • Roku TV
  • LG
  • Smart Alliance
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Tizen
  • Android TV
  • Panasonic
  • Amazon Fire


All the players that are listed above are making the best use of available technologies to help customers get the most out of their TV watching experience. The above-mentioned players are technologically upgraded but it is still difficult to build custom applications for each as they all have varied SDKs and guidelines.


With different specifications and guidelines, it is difficult to create an application for Smart TV. Let's dig in further to understand things we need to keep in mind while developing a Smart TV application.


Screen Size Matters


Viewing configuration remains different for a smart TV, a tablet, and a smartphone. When we are trying to review the distance, it is important to consider screen size angular resolution. App developers should know that angular distance will help them decide how a screen appears from a distance. While deploying codes it is important to take technical support so that APIs and lean back support library gets properly configured. v17, v7, and v4 are some of the support libraries developers need to include for applications using Leanback support library.


Development with Skills and Techniques


Software or app development remains different for smart tv and a smartphone. There are a lot of considerations for a mobile phone since the designer has to take care of the finger screening, gestures, and real estate, whereas a Smart TV widens the designing scope for the app developers.


Skills Required for Developing a Smart TV Application are:

  • In-depth knowledge of CE-HTML, CSS, and HTML5
  • Understand platform-specific SDKs
  • Comprehensive Understanding of software architecture
  • Understanding the complexities of Java applications and AJAX

Easy to Operate with a Remote


Whatever smart TV applications developers are designing should be easier to operate using a remote control. The latest innovation is smart control with Amazon Fire TV stick and Apple TV. Apple TV is making use of touch input whereas Amazon Fire TV is making use of voice input. These input features in smart TVs are making them stand out in the market. Also while designing a TV remote, the specifications should be crisp and easy to understand.   


Easy to Navigate


While developing a smart TV application software developers should plan about its navigation too. Navigating to a different app should be simple, and intuitive. Also, there should be a proper navigation structure and content.

Focus on Clarity


Application development companies invest a huge amount of money and time so that they are able to develop an app that is user-friendly. When it comes to the development of an application for a smart TV, the focus should be on a readable text that is less wordy, high contrast, and easily understandable.  


In spite of many innovations made in technology, a smart TV still lacks behind behind a computer. To offer an improved user experience we have listed above a few points that developers should be keeping in mind while developing an application for a Smart TV. These applications will help users to experience easy usage of different applications. If you are searching for an expert in Application development for smart TV, get in touch with Oodles Technologies. For further details about our services, contact us!


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