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Posted By : Aditi Nahar | 25-Jun-2018

I believe you would have heard about the JMeter listeners and maybe probably used some of them. Today, in this article I am going to discuss JMeter Graph Results listener.

JMeter, as you are aware of, is a performance testing tool and after doing testing, monitoring and analysis of different test results and parameters is the most important part. Thus, here come the listeners in the picture, they provide UI to view the sent request and response received from the server. These results can also be saved in files for later use or can be viewed live while the tests are running.


What is Graph Results listener?

Graph Results listener allow us to view the test results in the form of a graph. It generates a simple graph in which all sample time is plotted against the response time. This helps us in analyzing the result in less time and with more understanding.


Now first let’s see how we can add this listener to our Test Plan:

Step 1: Create a Test Plan

Right Click Test Plan > Threads (Users)

Set values of No. of Threads (users) as 1000, Ramp Up Period (in seconds) as 1 and Loop Count as 1.


Step 2: Add HTTP Request sampler

Right Click on Thread Group > Add > Sampler > HTTP request

Give a Name to the sampler > Set Server Name, Port, HTTP Request Method, and Path (if required).


Step 3: All Graph Results Listener

Right Click on Thread Group > Add > Listener > Graph Results.



Step 4: Save this Test Plan and Run the test.

Now check the result on Graph Results listener. The result will be somewhat similar to as shown below:



Here, the data in the bottom of the graph displays the current values in milliseconds. Black shows the current sample, Blue shows the current Average of all the samples, Red shows current Standard deviation i.e. deviation of the response time. It should be as low as possible. And Green shows current Throughput rate.

The Throughput rate is the total number of requests handled by server per minute. This time includes total JMeter’s processing time and also if any delay is added to the test. So, we can say that the test produces some real data.

The value on the top left of the graph is maximum of 90


the percentile of response time i.e. it shows the elapsed time below wich 90% of samples fall.


We can save the graph result by specifying Filepath in Filename field under “Write results to file/Read from file”.


I hope this blog will prove useful to you.

Happy Testing:)

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