Introduction to Mean Stack

Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 11-Mar-2015

MEAN stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js. It is a free open-source solution stack for creating dynamic websites. MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript platform that is designed for web apps.





The elements of the MEAN Stack are as follows:


MongoDB - A schemaless NoSQL database system. It stores data in binary JSON format which makes it easy to transfer data between client and server. MongoDB is build for saving non-relational data. MongoDB is fast, inexpensive and flexible, and also suited for simple apps.  



Express - A lightweight framework that is used to create web apps in Node. It offers wide variety of strong features for creating single and multi-page web apps. This framework is inspired by Ruby framework. The reason it was included in the stack is it glues everything together in the stack and written in Javascript.


AngularJS - It offers some brilliant features such as two-way data binding. It is basically used for fast and top-notch front end development. The structure is defined in HTML and extended by AngularJS directives. It also helps reduce complications but at the cost of lower control.


Node.js - A platform that is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime. It helps create highly scalable applications rapidly. It’s a runtime environment for server-side apps. It was included in the stack because it offers the server-side processing and also its apps are written in JavaScript.




Why MEAN Stack?



MEAN Stack lets you write code completely in JavaScript, from client to server. And this feature makes MEAN Stack a very profitable full-stack option for web pros. It also supports robust design patterns to help escort the architecture. Elements of MEAN Stack are all open-source projects, which means it is absolutely free to use, daily updating, and extremely flexible to both use.



Benefits of MEAN Stack:


  • Single language is used throughout the app

  • MVC pattern is supported

  • JSON is used for sending data

  • Big module library of Node.js

  • Open source, so that an experienced user can modify it to their preferences.




MEAN stack unites the power of MongoDB, AngularJS, Express, and Node.JS to give a full-stack JavaScript framework that can help develop apps faster. It is a modern competitor to the famous LAMP stack for creating professional websites with open source software.  


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