Interesting Insights On Big Data and NoSQL

Posted By : Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 23-Jan-2019

Insights on Big Data and NoSQL

If you are owning a website having a large number of users, you might have faced the situation where problems related to Big Data analysis are playing a major role. Exactly when you require your site to respond rapidly to a fruitful promotional drive, it backs off. Big shot social media platforms are grappled with this issue for many years as they've developed from thousands to millions and now a huge number of user base. Big Data and NoSQL services are the technologies, we have to look for in the near future.


Driven with an enormous amount of user’s data, they have benefitted from the information stored on major technologies like Redis and Memcached which help them make their website run quickly ultimately making their business grow faster. Due to this, adopting these technologies will be really difficult as it requires most of the engineering resources.


There are many Big Data organization available to resolve this problem. Cloud-based, in-memory NoSQL solutions will help you make your website run quicker. That is the reason various organizations are first trying the beta version of these Cloud-based companies.


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Insights into Advantages of Big Data Databases


Computer-based scalability


The solution must be extremely versatile in an entirely robotized way. This implies you are not required to manage scaling tasks, clusters, and nodes. All that should be consequently done for you.


No Information loss


Memory hubs frequently shatter and when this thing happens, you lose all information saved on the database. Your solution must incorporate relentless capacity, automatic-failure detection, and backup abilities. Besides, these procedures must be completely computerized and ensure continuous data flow on failure and zero information loss.


Determined achievement


In a few solutions, performance is poor when your dataset is very limited. Ensure, your answer utilizes the most grounded servers and ideally forms your information utilizing different servers.


Zero Administration


Other than building your database, every other activity assignments (programming updates, failure recovery, clustering) must be completely automated and they are not required in any activity on your part.


Pay-as per your work model


Search for a solution that costs as per the GB per hour used by your dataset. Numerous solutions cost you by the number of cloud servers you are using, which implies you end up paying more than your actual business requirement.




There are a couple in-memory NoSQL solutions out there but Oodles Technologies who is a market leader in this field can provide you best Cloud, Big Data and NoSQL services solutions. Work with its one of an ideal way to deal with real-time solutions which make our organization different from others.



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