Integrating Social Media Into Your Website and Android App

Posted By : Anmol Kalra | 29-Oct-2021

Business is where people are. And people spend hours on social media each day sharing their experiences, feelings, thoughts, and purchases. This internet culture has become a vital part of a business’s online presence, and to be successful, businesses need to relate to social media in one way or another.

Social media for application and web integration

Reasons to integrate social media in Mobile Application Service

Social media brings people together, gives them the ability to communicate at any time and from any place. At least, it used to be mainly about this. Now, however, social media is so much more than that. People go shopping on social media, make choices and use different services.

This is why integrating social media in your application is a great way to attract an audience, make onboarding easier, and make your application more recognizable. Let’s talk more about the reasons for you to integrate social media into your mobile app, and then talk about how to integrate social media into your website and mobile app.

More users and downloads

The importance of social media integration is great for businesses that want to achieve social media presence. Acquiring users is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face once you deploy your application. The easier the onboarding is, the more people will finally make it through the onboarding stage and stay with you as your app users.

People generally expect onboarding with social media, as they’re used to log in with a help of their accounts.

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Social reliability

Social trust is a crucial factor that drives sales like no other.

With the help of in-app sharing capabilities, you can build trust, which will lead to an increase in the number of users. As a result, your application will generate more revenue. Any app that offers items or services might benefit from maintaining social trust through social media sharing.


Increased Usage

Consider the time people spend on social media in general.

There's plenty of it!

And the younger the audience is, the more time they spend on Instagram looking at images and posting on Facebook. Integration of social media in Android or iOS can be a game-changer in terms of attracting and retaining consumers.


If you want your app to be used all the time, connect it to social media and allow it to draw users back to it.

The same is true for websites. Social media website integration can drive more traffic to your site while also attracting new visitors who saw your site on social media feeds.


For a variety of reasons, you can integrate social media into your website or app.

The easiest way to go about it is to figure out where social media integration would be most beneficial.


There are prominent ways to integrate social media into your website.


Login and Onboarding

It’s more suitable for users to log into accounts with third-party services like Facebook profiles than to register a new account with each service.


According to Annex Cloud, 77% of users prefer to register and log in via social networks, and 60% gladly use social login on mobile apps. According to another report by Loginradius, over 90% of users favor signing in with already existing accounts on various social platforms.


One of the most popular platforms for signing up and logging in is Facebook. Google+ used to be second on the list, but that is soon going to change, as Google has announced it will be shutting down Google+.

Final Thoughts

Despite being the newest addition to the community of cross-platform mobile app development, Social Media is swiftly integrating into businesses, furnishing endless opportunities to build performance-oriented and feature-rich business applications. 

At Oodles Technologies, we definitely think that Social Media is the future of mobile app development. The platform furnishes an extensive array of features that can assist in developing intuitive mobile applications with a rich user experience. If you are seeking to build your own mobile app development services, get in touch with our team of experts. 


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