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Posted By : Chandan Wadhwa | 31-Mar-2016

In-App purchase is a native way to buy product or add some extra features in app. Many time you came into the situation where you were asked to pay for some extra options / features in an mobile App. This are totally optional functionality, but depending on what is being offered we sometimes get new functionality.


Types of products in iTunesConnect :-




Steps to define products for In-App purchases :-

  1. Add product inside your app. Go to
  2. Select your app in iTunes Connect-> Features -> In-App-Purchases

Define products and fill the products details as below :-

  • Reference name: This is the name which developer  will be able to see in your In-App Purchases  list

  • Product ID: This will be used to contact the iTunes Store and retrieve informations about your product inside the app.

  • Cleared for sale: this controls wether you want your product to be available for purchases (or not) right after Apple approves it.

  • Language: Here you'll have to insert a name and a description for your product in a certain language.

  • Screenshot for Review: Needed for the go-live review.


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