Implementing DocuSign Click API to a Website

Posted By : Harsh Soni | 31-Jul-2019

DocuSign® is an eSignature service which is accessible globally from the businesses, individuals, professionals, and consumers. It solves the problem of the manual signing of paper and helps in keeping the documents sorted, signed and stored on the cloud

What is DocuSign Click API

DocuSign Click lets you capture customer consent to terms - such as terms & conditions, terms of service, privacy policies, and disclosures - with a single click on websites and mobile apps. It enables companies to capture consent for standard agreement terms with a single click. Scenarios for Click include terms and conditions, terms of service, terms of use, privacy policies, end-user license agreements, disclosures, and more. 


All of these types of agreements require a simple acknowledgment to accept or agree to them, so Click provides this capability within the DocuSign platform, thereby preserving the security and trust of DocuSign.  

Click is different from DocuSign eSignatures in that Click documents do not allow signatures, form fields (also known as tabs or tags), or any other advanced features. Instead, Click agreements are simply uploaded, you specify a few parameters, and DocuSign wraps this into an iframe that you can embed within your websites and apps. This concept is known as a clickwrap and only takes a few minutes to implement. 


<div id="ds-terms-of-service"></div>
<script src=""></script>
    environment: '',
    accountId: 'daf5048a-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-d5ae2a842017',
    clickwrapId: '9888ca17-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-9bd95f46345d',
    clientUserId: 'UNIQUE_USER_ID',
    format: 'modal' // or 'inline'
}, '#ds-terms-of-service');</script>


The page cannot be a local file. It must be hosted server web page but can be hosted locally in your development environment.


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