iOS 10 Public Beta Ready To Roll

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 11-Jul-2016

As the release date of new iOS version is getting closer, there have been all sorts of rumors and speculations regarding the same. Lately, the public Beta for iOS 10 has been released which gave an unexpected hype to the rumors. The launch of Beta version is yet another sign that the iOS 10 release date is heading closer and we might soon have access to it.


The latest iOS version was announced on June 13, 2016 during the worldwide conference of Apple, WWDC 2016 that took place in San Francisco this year. Although, not much has been unveiled by Apple just yet, we bring you the latest insights about this new Operating System for iPhone and iPad devices.


Use iOS 10 Public Beta

Apple finally launched the public beta of its long awaited mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. The iOS 10 beta is now available to the non-developers as well and anyone can download it from The iOS 10 beta is ready to roll but it might be having several bugs and compatibility issues. So it is better to wait for the final release unless you are really intrigued to use it right now.


Nevertheless, the developer’s beta version is also available on the internet but you need to have a developer’s account to download it.


New Features

The latest iOS version incorporates many new features and upgrades. Through this post, we bring to you the four astonishing features of iOS 10.


Raise To Wake

Raise to wake is by far the most exciting feature offered by iOS 10 which brings the engrossing functionality of Apple Smart Watch to the iPhone and iPad. This enthralling feature lights up your iPhone whenever you lift it up and takes you directly to the home screen. The feature was first introduced in Apple Smart Watch before being a part of the iOS ecosystem.


However this specific feature is only compatible with iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and all the later versions that are yet to come.


Siri Upgrade

You can now activate your Siri for all the non-apple apps as well. The Siri is based on the prevalent voice control functionality. It’s just that now you’ll be able to use it with almost any app installed in your iPhone.


For instance, you can give direct commands to Siri like, “Send a Whatsapp message to Patrick” or “Skype Andrea that I’m on my way.” You can now even ask siri to solve mathematical problems for you. For instance, “What is 7+1?” or “What is the square root of 256?”


Face Sorting (Photos)

Face Sorting is yet another enthralling feature of iOS 10 which scrutinizes the facial expressions of a person from your saved photos and then sorts and imports all the photos of that person to a specific folder. All these folders are called Smart Albums and somewhat around 11 billion calculations are performed for each photo to create a smart album. All this has been possible by the inception of the finest form of artificial intelligence.   



QuickType is another engrossing feature that brings the intelligence of Siri to the keyboard. QuickType functionality provides intelligent suggestions to the users while they’re typing. QuickType basically uses contact cues to predict what you’re going to write next. It also helps you save a lot of time that you usually take in typing a particular message. For instance, if someone ask you about your location, then it’ll automatically offer you to share your current location and you can share the location in a single tap.  


There is no doubt that iOS 10 is going to be a phenomenal breakthrough in the Smartphone industry and it is definitely going to give goosebumps to all the leading competitors of Apple. We hope things work out well for apple and we look forward to the release which is most likely to take place in September this year.   


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