How to write test cases for an application

Posted By : Akshay Tyagi | 30-Sep-2019


What Is a Test Case:- 


A test case is a set of instructions on a "HOW" to validate a particular test objective/goal, which we will know upon following if the expected behavior of the system is satisfied. It is a document containing a set of test data, prerequisites, expected results, postconditions, test phases, and actual results.


  • Test Case ID:-  Test case ID, a unique ID is required for each test case

  • Test Scenario:- A test scenario is generally a one-line statement describing a feature of the application to be tested. Test Scenarios is defined as any functionality that can be tested. It is also called Test Condition or Test Possibility

  • Test Case Description:- The description/objective of the test case.

  • Test Steps:- Step-by-step procedure to execute the test.

  • Prerequisite:- Any prerequisites or preconditions that must be fulfilled prior to executing the test.

  • Test Data:- The test data, or links to the test data, that is to be used while conducting the test.

  • Expected Result:- The expected result of the test. The expected result means what should have been a result of that test case execution expected result.

  • Test Environment:-  Environments (Hardware/Software/Network) in which the test was executed.

  • Actual Result: -The results of the test; to be filled after executing the test. Actual testing means after the test case is performed what result we get is the actual result.

  • Comments:- Any remarks on the test case or test execution.


Benefits of Writing Test Cases:-


The key purpose of a test case is to ensure if different features within an application are working as expected. It helps tester, validate if the software is free of defects and if it is working as per the expectations of the end-users. It improves the quality of software and Decreases the maintenance and software support costs.




Test cases are reusable for the future – anyone can reference them and execute and it allows the tester to think thoroughly and approach the tests from as many angles as possible. So, these are a few reasons why documents are extremely useful in software testing.

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