How to start the inbuilt web server of Netgem STB

Posted By : Raman Joshi | 20-Aug-2014


In this blog I am going to explain about the inbuilt server in the Netgem set-top box and how we can start and stop the server. 


A web server has been implemented on the STB to share data or compute action from another STB or any other device (PC, mobile phone, tablet, etc.). 

The web server and its services can be activated and deactivated through settings. For activating those settings there are two methods :-
1. Force settings with NWT(Netgem web tool)
2. Force settings at STB startup
1. Force settings with NWT(Netgem web tool) : 
Netgem developped a tool called NWT and this tools enables the developper to define or create settings. The web server and web services settings can be easily created or modified with this tool.
Follow these steps to use the NWT:
a) Download the NWT package.
b) Download and install the Lamp server.
c) Extract the NWT package and put it into root folder in my case it is /opt/lampp/htdocs/.
d) Start the Lamp server and open the NWT from the browser.
e) When the NWT tool is opened then you have to ping the IP of the STB for force settings and for access the Set-top box.
2. Force settings at STB startup : 

The DMS(Device Management System) is used to force the settings values. Each time a STB starts, it tries to connect to the DMS. If the connection is successful, the DMS forces the settings modified on the DMS interface.

So, For changing the default behaviour of web server and web services, you have to force the settings value and restart the STB for it to get forced settings values from the DMS.

Here are the list of some settings of web server and services : 
Web server
 account.service.httpserver: 0 (resp. 1) for deactivated (resp. activated)
 account.service.httpserver.port: web server IP port
 account.service.httpserver.connections: maximum of simultaneous connections handled by the web server
Web services
 account.service.httpservice.PVR: Personal Video Recorder web service
 account.service.httpservice.EPG: Eletronic Program Guide web service
 account.service.httpservice.Live: Live web service
 account.service.httpservice.RemoteControl: Remote control web service
 account.service.httpservice.UPnP: Universal Plug and Play web service
Here are the Steps to start the inbuilt server of Netgem set-top box by force settings on STB startup:
a) First of all you have to access the Set-top box from the terminal by the following command:
    > ssh -i vis360.partner partner@<IP of STB>
b) Then you have to write this command to force setting :
    > js @2 settings.set("account.service.httpserver","1")
c) And then by writing 'q' and hit enter will restart the STB.
After the server will be started ,other devices can access the services which Netgem provides.



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