How to Solve the GrailsProcessDiedException in GGTS

Posted By : Mohit Kumar | 31-Oct-2018

Every time after I had executed the command in grails and if the application just leaves it idle, I will receive an annoying error message and the process will be terminated after some particular time.

We were working on the grails 2.4.4 version and during the minification of the code and running long process operations, we were facing this exception “GrailsProcessDiedException” continuously.

Then spend a lot of time on this issue, we got a conclusion that the due of a long-running process GGTS heap memory gets full and it stops our running process in the middle.

So to fix this issue we attempt the following steps that really short out our problem.

Solution :

Step 1: Initially you have to reach at the grails launch settings where you can change the time of grails command.

             Following is the location to change grails command timeout.

                Goto window > preference > Grails > Grails Launch

              It will be looking something like this.



Step 2:  First of all, you have to uncheck the keep external Grails running option in the Grails Launch view.

              Then, after uncheck the option , increase the value  Grails Command Timeout [ms ] from 18000 to 72000.

               I increased the grails command timeout 4 times of the previous set time. It depends on your process how heavy process you are running.


After making these changes it will be looking like this:-


Step 3: Apply and save all changes and restart the GGTS  

            To make changes you have to restart the grails groovy Tools suit ( GGTS ) , after restart the GGTS IDE the GrailsProcessDiedException will not come again and the issue would be resolved.


Conclusion :

Then after made these above changes, developers can increase their grails command timeout according to their process. 



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