How To Record Live Stream Using Wowza

Posted By : Vipul Pandey | 10-Dec-2017

Wowza provides a great capability which also includes continuous recording, to use this feature following step are here:

  1. Select the live application in wowza
  2. Select the incoming stream in wowza from the application.
  3. Click on record button to record the stream.
  4. A popup opens with the advanced options
    1. Select recording Tab
      1. File Name: Name of file which we want to store trailing by extension mp4
      2. Path: Location to store the videos.
      3. Output File Format:  format of videos
    2. Segmentation: This option helps to break the video size versioning option etc
      1. Segmentation By Size: This option is useful when we want to store our videos in terms of file size like 10 MB, 20 MB etc.
      2. Segmentation By Duration: Split file in HH : MM : SS
      3. Segmentation By Schedule:  a) Every hour.  b) custom time: It is similar to cron expression.
    3. File Versioning Template: This option enables us to name the file in versioning history viz . BaseFileName_RecordingStartTime_SegmentNumber. live_23:00:00_15
  5. After setting each option click on record button.













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