How To Query Wordpress Database Using WPDB Class

Posted By : Harsh Soni | 31-Jan-2018
How to query wordpress database using $wpdb class

As we are familiar with the functions that WordPress uses to interact with the database. Some common functions are WP_Query, wp_insert_post, get_posts, update_post_meta which can be used to get the job done. But sometimes we required accessing the database directly, especially when we are going to fetch data from a custom table. Wordpress has also provided a valid way to make it easy for the users by introducing a $wpdb class.


Working with $wpdb Class


Working with $wpdb class is similar to working with MySql and other similar languages.We need to keep only few function names in mind. We can understand it by an example,


global $wpdb;
   $posts = $wpdb--->get_results("SELECT post_title, post_author FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status = 'publish' AND post_type='media' DESC LIMIT 0,5");  


Fetching Results from the Database


$wpdb has four helper functions to retrieve data from the query, you can use one of four functions to structure the data.


GET_RESULTS() It is most commonly used function, it creates a two dimensions array of the data that contains separate objects for each row.


GET_ROW() When we need to fetch only one row from the database. It gives one-dimensional output.


GET_COL() It is similar to get_row() functions instead row it gives a single column which is helpful when we need to get only post ID.


GET_VAR() Sometimes we need to get only one value from the database, then we can use get_var() to retrieve a value.


Inserting into the Database


global $wpdb;
$wpdb->insert( $table, $data, $format);


Here insert function takes three parameters. $table parameter will take name of the table. $data is an array contains a combination of key-value pairs. $format is optional which specifies the data types of the values.


Updating data into the Database


  global $wpdb;


Set the values for $table, $data and $where parameter to update the changes in database.


You can read more about $wpdb class and it's functions here


Note: The wpdb() class should not be called directly. Always use the global $wpdb object for database operations.



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