How To Optimize a Wordpress Website

Posted By : Satyam Sharma | 31-Oct-2018


In this blog, I will show you how to optimize a WordPress website and increase its performance. Wordpress is a CMS built in PHP which is most popular CMS among all PHP CMS. CMS basically stands for content management system which helps us to make a website. To make a website with the use of WordPress is so easy and also there is one benefit that WordPress optimization also so easy to do. Wordpress provide us the plugin functionality. And there are so many plugins which give us a good result for optimization.


Basically, the following are the key points which are very Helpfull to optimize a WordPress website :

1. Minification
2. Gzip compression
3. Lazy Loading
4. Reduce request
5. CDN
6. Build Cache



Basically is the process of removing the whitespaces in our HTML, CSS and JS file. When your site will grows then you need to have put  more content and tools in the site which can cause site going slow down.

One way you can tackle this problem is use minification. This is the process of compressing certain files (such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML files) to shrink their size without impacting their functionality and the one best thing of minification is that you don't have to do much code for minification.


Gzip compression

Gzip compression is the process of bind data in our files. It basically collects the chunk of data and makes them smaller. It is relevant to web apps and websites because the HTTP protocol includes the ability to gzip data that is being sent. This means when visiter will visiting your site then the site files will be smaller and also bandwidth also lower.


Lazy Loading

When a user open your webpage then the entire page or entire page content will be downloaded and also rendered. By this the browser will alow to cache for the webpage. and also there is no any kind of guarantee that the user will actually view all downloaded page content.

Lazy loading is what when a user will open your page then only those part will be loaded first which is visible by user at a time other page content will load when user scroll down for the page which will be very helpful for manage cache and bandwidth of the page.

Reduce Request
One more important part of optimization is the reduce the request of files i.e reduce the request of css and js file because when a website load it request files to load if there are many files for the request it will take more time, if the request will be less than it will take less time.



CDN is the best important part of the website. Basically, CDN stands for content delivery network mainly used for application services (such as cloud-based services from Google or Microsoft). CDN basically takes our files like CSS and js also images and serve from the CDN network which also reduces the load time of that file.


Build Cache 

Build cache is the process of building the cache in the user system and serve our files from the cache When the files serve directly from the cache it automatically loads fast and improves the performance of the website.


These are the main optimization key points if we follow these then obviously our website performance will be improved and the user feels good for open our read our services. Because there are so many websites on the web the competition been tough and a user can not have the patience to wait for loading website If it takes much time then a user will close that window.


And I recomend the w3 total cache plugin for doing all these stuff which helps more for optimize site because it all has built in option for all our these key point.

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