How to Minify JS and CSS Files by Plugin

Posted By : Renu Yadav | 27-Sep-2018

On the internet, you can see many websites which look good, high performance is there.  We can achieve good performance of the website by minifying js files, CSS files, minify HTML, optimize images. All these files affect the website performance. If you want the high performance of your website. You must look into this files. After getting the good performance you will get good google score and it is good for your business. 

Getting the good performance of your website you must follow the below points:-

  • Optimize all image of your front page.
  • Add the cache code in your .htaccess file.
  • Minify CSS files. Make sure you must use minimum files of CSS.
  • Minify js files. Make sure you must use minimum files of js.
  • CDN setup.

All the above points make your website good by performance. For minifying the CSS and js files you can use Merge + Minify + Refresh plugin. It is a very useful plugin for minifying js and CSS files in your WordPress theme.

First, install the plugin in your WordPress site. After Activate the plugin you can see page performance is increased. Check the home page of your website you can see website performace is increased and you can also check the source code on the browser. You can see, there is the zip file of CSS and js files. This plugin creates the zip of CSS and js files. All js and CSS files serve to form CSS zip and js zip. This plugin makes your website performance high. You can also check your website score on GTmetrix website. Gtmetrix is the website where you can check your website details why your website load slowly and this website show all points of your website to improve. After improving all points of GTmetrix. You can see the good performance of your website.

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