How To Make An Effective Landing Page

Posted By : Mahima Gautam | 19-Feb-2018

Landing pages are the one-page websites that attract the internet visitors for single action. Landing pages are the web pages that serve as the entry point for a particular website. The invention of the landing page arises due to the poor sales that have been experienced by the Microsoft office suite. Effective landing pages help in conversion and sales orientated tasks:-


  • For promoting new products
  • Growing subscriber lists
  • Increasing sales and leads
  • Capturing insights and data through forms

Some of the factors for designing landing pages are as follows:-

 1. Visual simplicity

This factor mainly focuses on the elements used in the landing pages. Maintain the visual and design simply because it attracts the visitor's focus and showcases the things. Some factors of bringing visual simplicity are:-


Maintain the whitespaces so that visitors can focus on calls to action by isolating them from other elements.
It creates the contrasting features for displaying elements in a way to make them stand out.
It also maintains the design flow by placement of the elements so that user can keep in the direction of reading the page.

2. Using useful media for great landing pages

Using the right image and videos on landing pages will help the visitors to act on the call to action. Use of appropriate image helps the user to get the whole story and demonstrate the product effectively, and help in creating a connection with visitors.Instead of using generic images use of real images in landing pages help to build trust with visitors.


3. Role of colors

Colors gave the great impact on the visitor's psychology. Using the suitable color palettes helps to improve the user interface and guide the behavior of users. Tips to use colors effectively:-


Understanding the use of high low colors.
Considering color symbolism while targeting different demographics.
Addressing colors from the perspective of psychology and marketing.

4. Responsive landing page design

Responsiveness is meant to provide the same level of user experience and user interface on all the devices as they look on full-screen layouts. Most of the landing pages have integrated responsiveness in the templates. Benefits of making landing page responsive are as follows:-


It offers the feature and content parity on the main landing page.
It also benefits from the huge amount of traffic that comes from mobile and tablets. 
It is easier to build responsive landing pages because of reduced layout complexity.

5. Content-foundation for great landing pages

Headlines grab most of the attention of visitors. Using effective and concise content on the landing pages make the pages more effective to the user. Effective landing pages headline are:-

Persuasive and catchy.
Brief and should state what problem it can solve.
Should a sense of urgency.


We at oodles are working on some of the very interesting landing pages on client projects. This blog is all about how to make effective landing pages. Write us on [email protected] for more details and your queries.

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