How To Integrate Plaid With ERP CRM

Posted By : Vikash Patwal | 24-Dec-2017

This diary is facilitate to search out the way to integrate cloth with ERP CRM project and check all on-line bank group action.

1)first off we have a tendency to go this link and register then we are able to get client_id, public_key, secret key this key's employed in all cloth API.

(i)Item: a collection of credentials at a monetary institution; every Item will have several Accounts, and a fewAccounts have Transactions related to them.
(ii)client_id ANd secret: 2 non-public API keys; employed in conjunction with AN access_token to access knowledgefor an Item.
(iii)public_key: a public API identifier; accustomed initialize Link and establish things you produce or update via Link.
(iv)access_token: A mobile token distinctive to one Item; accustomed access knowledge for that Item.
(v)public_token: A ephemeral token which will be changed for AN access_token or accustomed initialize Link in update mode for AN Item.

2)than we have a tendency to used on-line bank username arcanum.and additionally we are able to be employed in the various setting.The Sandbox setting is unrestricted and supports solely take a look at things. the eventsetting supports up to one hundred live things. All testing ought to be tired our Sandbox and Development environments. All requests for Production are beaked.


(i) (Sandbox).
(ii) (Development).
(iii) (Production).





@RequestMapping(value = URLMapping.FINANCIALS_CONFIGURATIONS_PLAID_ACCOUNT_CREATE, method = RequestMethod.POST)
public Map createAccountWithPlaid(@RequestBody Map map,HttpServletResponse response,HttpServletRequest request) {
HttpSession session = request.getSession();
Locale locale = (Locale) session.getAttribute("locale");
Map result = plaidService.createAccountWithPlaid(map,request, null);
if (result==null) 
return ResponseHandler.generateResponse(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST, true, "Bad Request", null,
return ResponseHandler.generateResponse(HttpStatus.ACCEPTED, false,"Success", null, result);




public Map createAccountWithPlaid(Map map,HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

Delegator delegator = infrastructure.getDelegator(); 
    RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();
    HttpHeaders httpHeaders = new HttpHeaders();
httpHeaders.set("Content-Type", "application/json");
    String url=plaidCreateUrl;
    Map getInstitutionName=FastMap.newInstance();
    getInstitutionName.put("query", map.get("query"));
    getInstitutionName.put("public_key", publicKey);
         Map getName = restTemplate.postForObject("",getInstitutionName, Map.class);
      Map accountMap=FastMap.newInstance();

    List init=new ArrayList();
    Map result2=null;
    accountMap.put("credentials", map.get("credentials"));
    ArrayList institutions=(ArrayList) getName.get("institutions");
    String institution_name=null;
    for(int i=0; i< institutions.size(); i++){
     Map data=(Map) institutions.get(i);
     institution_name= (String) data.get("institution_id");
    accountMap.put("institution_id", institution_name);
         Map result = restTemplate.postForObject(plaidCreateUrl,accountMap, Map.class);
    String public_token=(String) result.get("public_token");
    String institution_id=(String) accountMap.get("institution_id");
    Map credentials= (Map) map.get("credentials");
    String username=(String) credentials.get("username");
    String url1=plaidExchangeTokenUrl;
      Map newMap1=FastMap.newInstance();
      newMap1.put("client_id", clientId);
      newMap1.put("secret", secret);
      newMap1.put("public_token", public_token);

    result2 = restTemplate.postForObject(plaidExchangeTokenUrl,newMap1, Map.class);
    Map data=FastMap.newInstance();
    data.put("accessToken", result2.get("access_token"));
    data.put("userName", username);
    data.put("institutionId", institution_id);
    data.put("itemId", result2.get("item_id"));

GenericValue plaid = delegator.makeValue("Plaid", data);
plaid = delegator.create(plaid, false);

catch(Exception ex){

return result2; 



3) additionally we are able to go this link and used all api

(i)Auth-> POST /auth/get (ii)Transactions-> POST /transactions/get

(iii)Identity-> POST /identity/get

(iv)Income-> POST /income/get

(v)Balance-> POST /accounts/balance/get


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