How To easily Install Wowza on Ubuntu

Posted By : Vikash Patwal | 29-Jun-2017

1) Firstly we install latest java version in our system.


2) Time to install wowza. Go to a tmp directory



    cd /tmp



3) Download the latest version (in this case 4.7.0) you can replace it with the latest version.






4) Install wowza installer from wowza docs for same version.


5) Make the file executable:



chmod +x



6)copy wowza installer to home and then run.






7) Some questions will be asked. they all can be answered with Enter or yes.



(i) press several times on ENTER to confirm the agreement.


(ii)Do you accept this agreement? [y/n]: Y.


8)Get your license key from



(i) Time to fill in the license key (check your email for the developer license, or fill in the actual license you have purchased from wowza)


(ii)Enter License Key
(iii)Please enter your Wowza Streaming Engine License Key.


License Key: []:



9)After this you have to create a username and password to your choice (words in capitals you should fill in yourself.



(i)Fill in a admin user (fill in what you want)


(ii)Enter a user name and password that will be used to manage Wowza Streaming Engine.


     Confirm Password: : YOUR_DESIRED_PASSWORD_AGAIN



10) Do you want to start wowza automaticly after a reboot?



(i)Setup is now ready to begin installing Wowza Streaming Engine on your computer.


Do you want to continue? [Y/n]: Y.


11) install wowza in your system After this the setup is done



12) Setup has finished installing Wowza Streaming Engine on your computer.



13) You can now access your wowza streamingEngine Manager in your browser by typing your ipadress instead of the YOUR_SERVER_IP in the example below.


 browser: https://YOUR_SERVER_IP:8088/enginemanager/login.htm


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