How to change the geth coinbase account reward

Posted By : Md Imroz Alam | 10-Apr-2017

In geth, If we do any transaction one account to another account then coinbase account get 5 ether as reward by default.

If we want to change reward for coinbase account, we make it by changing geth source code.

First, we have to get clone of go-ethereum and setup it. Reference for this

After successful setup of ge-ethereum.

Step 1.

 a) Open Terminal
 b) go to following path:

Step 2.

comment all the code of fess.go

//package core

//import (
  //  "math/big"

//var BlockReward *big.Int = big.NewInt(5e+18)

Step 3.

add the following line of code in fees.go

package core

import (

func setBlockReward() big.Int {
  var reward big.Int = new(big.Int)
  reward.SetString("30000000000000000000", 10)
  return reward;

var BlockReward = setBlockReward()

Step 4.

Again back to go-ethereum folder by Terminal

run this following command

sudo make geth

if above command run successfully without error.

Now, we have changed daxxcoin reward as 15 ether.


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