How To Build iOS Mobile Application Using IONIC Framework

Posted By : Damandeep Singh | 31-Jan-2020

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system which was launched in 2007. It is written in multiple languages and runs only on the company’s products such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. After the Android mobile OS, iOS is the most extensively used mobile OS worldwide. Apple supports 40+ languages for iOS app development.


Since iOS is the second most popular mobile OS, there is a huge demand for iOS app development.


Requirements For iOS Mobile App Development 


1) A project with an Ionic framework.

2) MAC OS machine 

3) Xcode 8 or later 

4) IOS 9


You can also update or download other SDK versions as per your requirement.


Run the Application in your local 

Now, to add the iOS platform to execute the following command:

ionic cordova platform add ios

Steps To Use Simulator


1) This command will add the ios platform to your project. you can find it in the folder named platforms in your working directory.

2) Now go to your working directory and find the platform > ios > open project-name.xcworkspace file in Xcode

3) Now just go to the play button to run the application on a simulator with the installed or selected version.


If you are working with an older project you may get an error something like "linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)". If you face that issue then don't panic I have a solution for that.


To resolve that issue you just need to uninstall console using

cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-console

You can also create a .ipa file just like a .apk file which is used for Android.


To achieve that you need an Apple ID associated with any device like iPhone or iPad. Apple ID also provides a certificate that could be used for iOS mobile app development


Types of certificates:

1) Developer Certificate

2) Distributed Certificate


You'll need a distribute certificate to create .ipa file as it is not possible with a developer certificate.


Steps To Create .ipa File 


1) In build settings: Go to the "general tab" and select "Automatically manage signing" and Add an account or Apple Id. After that go to "workspace setting" in the file menu at the top left corner of the screen in build system tab select "legacy build system"

2) Go to the "Product" menu and select "Destination" here you'll find an option for "generic devices".

3) Select "Archive" later you'll find a pop-up tap for Next

4) Select "Export as" from the next window that will allow you to export or generate the .ipa file


You'll get the .ipa to file in the destination folder you have selected earlier.

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