how to Install Prometheus on Ubuntu

Posted By Rajat Kukrety | 31-Jan-2019

It is an open-source monitoring application which orchestrates the statistical data from the service and displays the same over the graphs for analytics. It can be integrated with Grafana for good data modelling and to query flexibly.
It can also be integrated with multiple exporters to generate the required metrics. The contributors maintain the exporter with an end to end solutions.


Ubuntu Machine

Creating Service Users
We will create two new user accounts, node_exporter and prometheus. 

>     sudo useradd --no-create-home --shell /bin/false prometheus
>     sudo useradd --no-create-home --shell /bin/false node_exportercreate the directory

sudo mkdir /etc/prometheus
sudo mkdir /var/lib/prometheus

Change the ownership with the user.

> sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /etc/prometheus
> sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /var/lib/prometheus

Downloading Prometheus

> cd ~
> curl -LO

generate checksum of the file.
> sha256sum prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz

o/p e12917b25b32980daee0e9cf879d9ec197e2893924bd1574604eb0f550034d46  prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz

untar the archive

> tar xvf prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz

Copy the directory

> sudo cp prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64/prometheus /usr/local/bin/
> sudo cp prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64/promtool /usr/local/bin/

Change the ownership
> sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /usr/local/bin/prometheus
> sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /usr/local/bin/promtool

Copy the directory
> sudo cp -r prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64/consoles /etc/prometheus
> sudo cp -r prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64/console_libraries /etc/prometheus

> sudo chown -R prometheus:prometheus /etc/prometheus/consoles
> sudo chown -R prometheus:prometheus /etc/prometheus/console_libraries

> rm -rf prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz prometheus-2.0.0.linux-amd64

Configuring Prometheus

Add the properties to promethus
> sudo nano /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml

  scrape_interval: 15s

scrape_interval = collects the stats from exporter with the given time interval

  - job_name: 'prometheus'
    scrape_interval: 5s
      - targets: ['localhost:9090']


> sudo chown prometheus:prometheus /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml

Running Prometheus

> sudo -u prometheus /usr/local/bin/prometheus \
    --config.file /etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml \
    --storage.tsdb.path /var/lib/prometheus/ \
    --web.console.templates=/etc/prometheus/consoles \


To use the newly created service, reload systemd.

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

Start the promethus

> sudo systemctl start prometheus

To verify status

> sudo systemctl status prometheus

prometheus.service - Prometheus
   Loaded: yes 
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2017-07-29 11:40:40 UTC; 4s ago
 Main PID: 2104 (prometheus)
    Tasks: 8
   Memory: 13.8M
      CPU: 450ms
   CGroup: /system.slice/prometheus.service

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