How IT And Digital Technologies Supporting Healthcare Amid New Normal

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 14-Jul-2021


How AI Is Supporting Digital Healthcare Amid New Normal


Enterprise technology is progressively advancing towards artificial intelligence (AI) and related digital capabilities. The Covid-19 pandemic spurred digital acceleration and AI is something that has witnessed the most significant growth. Since healthcare has been the main focus area amid the onset of the pandemic, businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly adopting healthcare IT solutions more than ever. 

Most tech analysts agree that artificial intelligence is the major factor driving the wave of digital healthcare. Nevertheless, a new breed of AI, known as Edge AI has been a potential game-changer for a lot of industries and businesses as the technology is not just limited to healthcare. Artificial intelligence has promised unprecedented technological leaps as it presents capabilities such as automotive safety systems, next-gen robots, and intelligent hospital management software. In this article, we will discuss the potential rise of AI in healthcare and the benefits of embracing neoteric technology.
Heathcare technologies

The Rise of Digital Healthcare

The healthcare industry commenced adopting digital technologies much earlier than the onset of the pandemic. But as all of us have witnessed, the coronavirus has only fuelled and accelerated the adoption of healthcare IT solutions to a pace that was never observed before. The sector has deployed cloud solutions, ML & AI, and has leveraged custom mobile app development and Progressive Web App development at an astonishing pace and scale. As trends evolve and mature, healthcare services around the globe are getting progressively digital. Here are the statistics for top-funded digital healthcare technologies in 2020.

Heathcare technologies
Source: Statista
High-Demand of Digital Consultations

From worldwide lockdown to heavy-imposed social distancing, all of us have been forced to stay at home ever since the pandemic hit the continents. And that is what has made digital healthcare and online medical consultations so popular- perhaps out of the grave necessity of the existing situation rather than by choice.

Using digital healthcare services, patients have been successfully able to receive professional medical advice. On the other hand, doctors too are finding it a lot safer and easier to practice amid the deadly Covid-19 outbreak. With the seemingly easier and convenient availability of healthcare IT solutions, physicians and hospitals have been able to prevent disruptions. Besides, IoT-enabled devices are also greatly helping medical care providers to remotely monitor patients.

Improved Care & Diagnosis Supported By AI

Future-focused digital capabilities such as ML-powered diagnostics and smart hospital management software have fostered impeccable improvements. For instance, clinical sessions are increasingly implementing smart programs that are supported by artificial intelligence. With deeper insights and accurate data, medical care experts are better equipped to treat terminal and critical illnesses. Moreover, the availability of noninvasive and radiation-free diagnostics techniques has prominently enriched patient’s treatment experiences. 

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Personalized Care For Patients

Leveraging AI, ML, and healthcare mobile app development services, medical researchers and healthcare providers have infused personalized experiences for patients. From clinical trials to drug discovery and beyond, artificial intelligence and related digital technologies are making the entire healthcare sector more personalized and experience-driven.

Furthermore, hospitals and clinics have massive amounts of patient data. While cloud services are the only solution to tackle, store, and safeguard such colossal information, healthcare providers are also using it to create better drugs and solutions. By integrating hospital management software with secure data management tools, medical practitioners are employing these services to a whole new level. 

Wrapping Up

Whether it is about automating processes using AI or deploying custom-built healthcare IT solutions, you need to chalk out a dynamic operational strategy. As far as digital transformation and technologies are concerned, they will continue to be the most transfiguring elements of the healthcare industry. It is up to medical providers and healthcare entrepreneurs how they intend to leverage AI and related technologies and also benefit from it. If you are looking for native or hybrid mobile app development or implement cloud services or AI in your healthcare processes, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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