How dApp Development Influences Future of Transportation Industry

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 25-Feb-2019

dApp Future trends in transportation industry

Demand for feature-loaded web and mobile applications is increasing at a rapid pace. People are now searching results for application development companies that can help them create dynamic apps like Uber, Seamless, GrubHub, Netflix and more. These kinds of applications require a decentralized platform to function which is possible only through dApps. A large number of industries are already influenced by the kind of innovation a dApp offers and it will not be wrong to say that it is the future trend in transportation industry. Let's dig in further and know how dApp Development is influencing the future of the transportation industry.  


Improved Relationship between Client and Service Provider


Transportation companies involve a service provider and a passenger. The service providers are not always satisfied with the company administrators and strikes are a common concern. If dApp are introduced to the transportation industry, then chances are, the relationship between a service provider and a user will improve. Besides, there will be more transparency and flexibility as well. A dApp enables the user to have a clear estimate of the revenue model so that neither the user nor the service providers feel cheated eventually

Quick Transactions


One of the most common concerns of on-demand service providers is that they face late payment issues because of the third party involvements. Transportation dApp, with the help of Blockchain technology, helps in processing the payments faster. With dApp, the involvement of central bodies would be eliminated as a result with which the quicker transactions will happen.


Also, the transportation sector has this additional burden of offering quality services to the customers. If the transportation service providers get successful in offering A-grade services to the clients, then the chances are, they would experience a boost in their business growth.

Reduced Cost Per Transaction


It becomes difficult for the service providers to work, especially when they are paid a peanut amount for the services they have rendered. If the transportation industry uses the blockchain technology, then  Peer-to-peer transactions will be facilitated. Also, the user's problem will be solved as third party involvement would decrease and they would no longer have to pay any charge for processing their transactions, thereby resulting in reduced cost per transaction.


Peer-to-peer transactions

People do not want their transactions to be monitored or tracked by a third party. If this is happening, then there is a threat to your assets. With the introduction of dApps and blockchain technology, users will be able to hide their transactions in an easier way.  With the help of blockchain and dApps, businesses will be able to secure their data with data storage capabilities which further helps in reducing the chances of fraud significantly. In the case of contemporary money transfer services, users should keep in mind the minimum amount they have transferred and from which geographical location they have made the transfers. Security, thus allows transportation businesses to be carried out smoothly.


How to monetize your transportation dApp?

A lot of transportation businesses are dependent on transaction charges. dApp offers transparency to the transaction process so that businesses receive money for their services on time and they are able to run, make money and minimize losses.

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