How Blockchain is Influencing the Healthcare Sectors

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 05-Mar-2019

Blockchain and Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology has already made a huge impact on different industries.  Various businesses including real estate, transportation sectors, logistics are leveraging blockchain so as to progress at a rapid pace.


Healthcare sectors too are in need of progressive technology like this. Since blockchain is fast and more advanced,  the healthcare sector is starting to realize its importance. Before we proceed further, let's dig in to know how Blockchain is Influencing Healthcare Sector.


Safe and Secure Access to Data


One of the main reasons due to which industries are adopting blockchain technology is because of its capability of securing data. Traditional ledger saved the information on a central server, resulting in an increase in chances of losing data. On the other hand, Blockchain stores data across a vast network of computers, helping users keep a record of transactions easily. Even hospitals are using blockchain technology to save the most critical data of their patients. Blockchain technology authorizes this data access to hospitals from across the globe. Data on blockchain is backed by private security credentials, preventing chances of frauds and data theft.


Reduces Time and Efforts


Blockchain has the capability to keep data well-maintained, organized, portable, well analyzed, available for an authenticated request, and consistent for medical service providers. Since the entire data gets sorted automatically, the chances of unwanted delays and errors are reduced. The data can be accessed as and when needed which further helps doctors to provide timely solutions to their patients.


Reduces Inconsistency   


Healthcare industries are maintaining records of the patients in paper files. This redundancy has resulted in the accumulation of data which is either duplicate or difficult to access. With blockchain, everything becomes accessible online hence lesser chances are there for inaccuracy. Since blockchain stores, the data online, any information related to patients such as reports, medical history can be easily accessed online from different sources. Blockchain in the healthcare industry can be really beneficial as it offers quick access to data thus accelerating the treatment.


Better Health Data Supply Chain Management


Blockchain offers transparent data monitoring with industries that are into the healthcare sector. It decentralizes the data that can prove to be beneficial for supply chain medical systems. This process of supply chain management can help reduce the cost and time involved in making medical data available for treatments.


Improves Medical Services


Every hospitality sector including healthcare sector has the responsibility to offer error-free solutions, thereby helping patients to stay healthy. Blockchain supports healthcare industry with relevant data. It reduces the time taken for analyzing medical reports for the timely treatment of the patients.


Lately, blockchain has made a huge impact on different industries and it is expected to influence the healthcare sector too. Various experts are even thinking of replacing traditional models of the healthcare industry with blockchain. To stay ahead in terms of competent services provided to the patients, various entities in the healthcare sector should start adopting blockchain soon.


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