How AI and ML Can Take Predictive Analytics to Another Level

Posted By : Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 12-Feb-2019

predictive Analytics

Ever since the development of data analysis, it has been come up as a crucial business process. Top-level companies are investing in most of the major sectors through AI based prediction algorithms. To achieve the desired goals, making yourself aware of the trends in the market is really crucial. For this, data analysts have used advanced level statistics, and data mining. Also, technologies consisting of AI, neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning are the few techniques help data scientists to do some of the near-perfect predictions.


High-level analytics solutions comprise an extensive blend of various technologies, techniques, and frameworks that can take these analytic processes far ahead of these traditional approaches of data processing. Their motive is not limited to predictions only else to come forward to some actions from these forecasts.


The major branch of analytics is big data analytics, which targets on revealing trends and patterns, which are essential to the decision making process. When using data mining approaches; machine learning, complicated statistical standards, high-level analytics are leveraged to make efficient decisions. Such models are based on data analysis that assist in Predictive Analytics.


Benefits of Predictive Analytics


As per market experts, Predictive Analytics will grow with the rate of more than 17% by the year 2025. Moreover, traditional software editors are changing from old explanatory analytics to predictive analytics. This technique is not only limited to large companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, but also among small-scale industries. Even startups are taking advantage of this technology to grow rapidly and compete fiercely in their respective sectors.


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Crucial Aspects of Predictive Analytics


Actions as per Forecasts: Predictive analytics technique is a procedure that can go far ahead of the standards and protocols that let them come to some simple explanations. With these explanations, decision makers easily aware of the current situation of his company. Predictions not only make them aware of their businesses else it give them the confidence to take necessary actions in their business.


Immediate and speedy actions: The benefits of predictive analytics also rely on taking necessary actions speedily. A piece of information or full-fledged study report built from the deep analysis is of no use if required actions won’t take at the correct time. After a certain amount of time, it will lost its competence for the decision-making team of the business entity.


Analytics are industry-specific: These analytical predictions are industry-specific. They have nothing to do with the statistics, companies got from past actions and trends.


Business convenience: To fulfill the business requirements, business convenience works as a bridge between prediction based solutions, its results, and the decision making authority who takes the required actions.


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