Google Is Banning All Cryptominig Extensions

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 03-Apr-2018

Google has announced the ban of all cryptocurrency mining browser from its chrome web store. They will ban the extensions that use computer's CPU to mine cryptocurrency. The company revealed, In July, they will remove existing extensions that contain mining functionality. It will allow other blockchain related extensions as there is no ban on them. 


The step is taken by the company as 90 percent of the crypto mining extensions that has been uploaded to the web store doesn’t meet the requirement. These types of extensions either gets removed from the store or gets rejected, these extensions use the good amount of processing power. It was once found out that one of the most popular extensions called Archive poster had hidden miner in it, It was an add-on for Tumbler with 100,000 plus users. 


Google is trying to make a good user experience by removing these extensions. Cryptojacking a browser is growing day by day. It is a process of hijacking a computer browser to mine cryptocurrency. If a developer gets thousands of machines to work for them, nobody will be luckier than them. 


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Earlier Google had allowed extensions in the store whose purpose was only to mine. Developers all over the world are worried about the hackers and are researching ways to block them. James Wagner said the key to maintaining healthy extensions is to keep the platform open and flexible. The popularity of cryptocurrency has been growing with the rise of Bitcoin prices. People are using malware to steal the other person’s computing power. Blocking the mining scripts is possible and it would be the great idea to block as soon as possible.  To make the healthy environment at extension, there is a need for the open and flexible platform. This made the developer at chrome to work hard and build creative and innovative customization.


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