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Netflix(NFLX) is a popular video streaming platform that provides viewers with unlimited access to thousands of movies, TV shows, comedy specials, and web series. With millions of subscribers joining Netflix every month, it has become the number one video streaming platform worldwide. The platform's popularity is mainly because of the quality, selection, and performance consistency. The popular OTT video streaming platform enables users to stream movies and television shows on their smartphones, laptops, computers and other internet-connected devices. Netflix takes up over 35% of the peak internet traffic in the US. To compete with brick-and-mortar video retailers, Netflix started pay-per-rental and mail service in 1997. The OTT platform currently has a market capitalization of around $29 billion and is a member of the S & P 500 index (American Stock market index). 


Netflix and its Rise to Dominance


Netflix was once an underdog in video rentals. They approached Blockbuster Video in the year 2000 for selling 49% of the company to act as an online arm for the video-rental giant. Blockbuster video turned down the offer and instead launched its own by-mail subscription DVD service besides its retail locations. After a decade, the company turned into a $47 billion service to deliver over-the-top (OTT) video content.


What made Netflix so Popular?


Besides the framework and strategy, Netflix has been quick to adapt its business model which has enabled it to stay as a dominant player. 


How Netflix Works? 


Netflix works on Three Components :


  • OC or Netflix CDN

  • Backend

  • Client 


Let’s Understand What CDN is? 


Open connect is the CDN used by Netflix. Content delivery network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that delivers pages and other web content to a user, based on their geographic location,  origin of the webpage, and content delivery server. These Open Connect Appliances (OC/ OCA) regularly communicate health, content availability, and routability to the cache-control service.


The playback application services verify the users’ licensing and authorization details. It determines the streaming asset requirements of their clients by evaluating their characteristics and network conditions. It enables the users to handle playback requests without any trouble. 


Like any other website Netflix focuses on media delivery. It uses CDN to store, transmit shows, and movies.  For managing the massive data, Netflix works directly with ISPs by installing Open Connect Appliances. OPS are capable of holding 280 terabytes of videos from Netflix library. It enables the subscribers to smoothly access NetFlix videos at high speeds.

                          How Netflix Works


Reasons for the Success of Video streaming Apps like Netflix/ YouTube/Hulu/Amazon Prime


Earlier OTT platforms were not ruling the Video content market, the only leaders were operators that delivered scheduled content. Consumers had to select an operator to view a television series or movie at the scheduled broadcast time.


Video Content market has witnessed a rapid change since consumers are readily accepting OTT technology. In fact, traditional video content providers are facing a tough competition with OTT video delivery solution providers. Demand for OTT platform is increasing and trends show that soon customers will swap traditional video platforms with multi-screen OTT Platforms.


How to Develop Apps like Netflix 

  • Find Your Niche:  While developing a video streaming platform, determine what is the streaming specificity. Streaming service providers must focus on what services they are offering, who is the target audience, what kind of content they would want to showcase. A single platform can also be developed to offer all sorts of video content like cartoons, movies, web series, education, science and more. Streaming app with specific services and advance features can establish their brand name more easily.

  • Content Licensing: Obtaining a licence for your content is considered one of the crucial steps in content delivery. It is important to decide how often will you update your content and to whom will it be available- paid subscribers, unpaid subscribers and so on. 

                         perspective useful for a successful video service

The license can be acquired in two ways: 


  • Renting the movie directly from the distributor? 
  • Contacting the copyright holder


  • Platform For Your Business?: Choosing the right platform is an important step for a video streaming platform to succeed. It is good to make your video streaming app available on both iOS and Android operating systems (OS). 


Licensing a video service with all sorts of content requires investment in millions of dollars. As per Investopedia reports, Netflix has spent $13 billion on licensing in 2018. In the same year, the company was able to raise a profit of $16 billion.  


3 Essential Elements For OTT Platforms 

Easy Navigation


While developing a video streaming app, developers must pay special attention to its navigation features. Navigating from one app to another should be simple and intuitive. Developers must also design a proper  navigation structure and content before hand for smooth operations. 


Easy to Sign Up 


Many users hesitate to sign-up especially when they are asked to fill in many details. It is critical for OTT solution developers to design apps with minimum sign up requirements. Also enable users to log in using their social media accounts like Facebook or Google. The pre-saved Facebook and Google data gets synced with the app, thereby enabling users to navigate through the vast content. 


Privacy Policy


Data security is one of the crucial factors that restricts users from joining a video streaming platform. Users often hesitate to upload their personal details including contact numbers, address, debit or credit card credentials, and more. It is essential for video streaming developers to build a secure structure for these OTT platforms. Integrating the video streaming apps with technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence will prevent black hats from hacking into your account details. The blockchain integrated OTT platforms will duly send an update to the service providers in case of a visible inconsistency.  



Oodles OTT Video Delivery Solutions



Video On Demand and Live Streaming


Our experts are proficient at developing  OTT video delivery solutions  that are scalable for streaming rich media from across the globe. We offer live streaming and video on demand services to establish our media clients as preferred service providers. 


Set-Top-Box Application Development


Our services include native set top box solutions that are engaging, fast and intuitive. We develop high quality, robust apps for various OTT and VOD platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Vewd TV, Samsung TV, WebOS SDK, Amazon Fire TV stick, Google Chromecast, Foxxum OTT and more.  


Smart TV App Development


We create feature-packed Smart TV applications using advanced SDKs. Our developers build user-centric smart TV applications that enable clients to showcase their brand and market themselves better. We build Smart TV apps for Tizen, Opera, Hulu, Samsung Native, and others. 


Video CMS, Chat and Conferencing


We develop video streaming architecture similar to Netflix and other popular OTT platforms. Our developers integrate Video Content Management Systems(CMS), Video chat and conferencing with existing OTT platforms. We enable clients to collaborate and communicate with businesses overseas and aid in business expansion. Our other features include recording and sharing of video content to enable teams and businesses to collaborate and work together more effectively. 


WebRTC Application Development


We integrate WebRTC in enterprise web apps to enable clients establish their web presence through scalable WebRTC application development. We provide peer-to-peer communications across web and mobile devices for client projects, standalone users or employees. Our solutions include screen sharing, live stream tracking, audio-video communications, live streaming, recording, real-time text chat, data exchanges and more. 

                  Oodles Digital Video Solutions

Are you planning to launch a  video streaming app with custom features? Oodles Technologies has set new benchmarks in the OTT space by creating a dynamic and user-friendly online video content platform. We enable video content providers to organize and manage their content with our advanced video solutions. Our in-depth expertise and proven methodologies play a critical role in delivering an engaging OTT platform for your business.



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