Future Trends For Mobile App Development And IoT Integration

Posted By : Priyansha Singh | 19-Aug-2021


Future Trends For Mobile App Development And IoT Integration


The amalgamation of the Internet of Things or IoT with mobile app development solutions presents innumerable opportunities to varied industries and business sectors. Smartphones are offering portability, scalability, and flexibility to IoT app integrations. Users have the ability to manage IoT devices effortlessly through mobile applications, which makes the entire process more seamless and future-focussed. 

While the neoteric IoT technology is taking mobile app development services to a whole new level, businesses and users from across the globe are closely monitoring and waiting to see what they can control from a smartphone.

Nevertheless, IoT app development is already showcasing the real potential of becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. However, it is not just only about the revenue: the range of exciting tools, equipment, devices that can be purchased online is also increasing every day.

In this article, we will discuss how mobile applications and IoT can function together. We have listed some of the best future predictions that represent real-world applications and integrations of IoT technology.

IoT Mobile App Development Services

  1. The surge of automotive apps

The IoT automotive applications are becoming increasingly popular among auto manufacturers. With mega companies like Tesla setting the tone by delivering autonomous, connected vehicles, the time when such applications will become a standard norm is swiftly approaching. 

The sole promise of IoT is to assist people with handling tasks that they carry out almost every day. And let’s face the truth, we already spend a lot of time in our vehicles. IoT takes it further by automating maintenance, diagnostics, infotainment tasks, and safety procedures. For instance, We Connect from Volkswagen is a great example of an IoT-enabled automotive application that is available for iOS and Android users. 

Some of the benefits that IoT automotive apps offer are:


  • Improved car safety as well as efficiency
  • Get real-time traffic details
  • Infotainment system control
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safe driving
  1. Increased app usage in industrial production management

The swiftly approaching Industry 4.0 is already evolving the way manufacturers run factories and plants. IoT sensors are actively being used to track both non-moving as well as moving people and assets on the production floor in order to enhance their usage and management.

A mobile application can display the movement of connected equipment as well as workers inside the production facilities. For manufacturers and plant managers, it can be a blessing. Having an IoT-enabled mobile app collecting the data from moving assets can help in:


  • Tracking shift performance
  • Identifying people or assets entering into restricted areas
  • Finding the real-time location of employees
  • Monitoring manufacturing flow and channel
  • Tracking equipment’s product parts
  1. More use cases in home automation and building smart homes

Smart mirrors, robotic vacuum cleaners, wireless kitchen appliances, smart lighting, video doorbells- home automation technology has been widely adopted by people across the world. 

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The existing home automation systems are an all-inclusive and impressive combination of IoT components, physical equipment, and apps. Although such applications perform massive complex operations, they are exceedingly user-friendly as well as easy-to-use. 

For instance, Google Home, like a lot of other home automation solutions, needs a connected setup of smart home devices. There are some of the emerging future trends that are likely to evolve home automation systems further:


  • More use cases in surveillance and security
  • Greater role for AI software 
  • More control over home appliances and objects
  • More health-related gadgets and devices
  1. Enhances retail shopping experience

Retail is yet another prominent industry where the amalgamation of mobile app development services and IoT solutions make a world of a difference in terms of user experience. The best example is the Amazon Go store.

The retail giant has inculcated IoT-enabled cameras, sensors, along with other equipment in stores so as to truncate the possibilities of checkout lines. 

Without a doubt, other companies also can not afford to miss any opportunity to uplift the shopping experience with IoT.

IoT Mobile App Development With Oodles Technologies

The integration of mobile applications with IoT is a powerful combination that is responsible for a plethora of successful use cases across multiple industries. At Oodles Technologies, we have a team of seasoned professionals and mobile app developers with in-hand experience in avant-garde tech stacks and technologies. From native, hybrid to cross-platform mobile app development, we offer end-to-end solutions for IoT mobile application development. For more information, feel free to drop us a line. Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. 


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